Below is a timeline of everything that has happened in the world Cale Henituse is in. The timeline dates from before ancient times to 10,000 years ago to the events before canon and then to everything that has happened in the novel up until chapter 640.

Note: [number] are chapter references. (number) are the ages of characters at that point in time.  


Timeline of Ancient Times + Transitional Period[edit | edit source]

Note: [number] are chapter references. (number) are the ages of characters at that point in time.  

Note: Timeline is fan made and may be inaccurate.

Before Ancient Times[edit | edit source]

Although gods cannot interfere with the happenings of the world, gods use certain methods to make modifications to the fate people are born with and the gods also plant eyes in the world to observe the world [482]. The gods give Saints and Holy Maidens power to deliver their wills to the world through them [487]. Likewise, the Demonic race also form contracts with humans to keep their eyes on and to influence the world [487].  

The Sun God gives his power to children who could follow his will to defeat the darkness and lifeforms with the darkness attribute [309, 487]. Although his believers can heal, the Church of the Sun God focuses more on crusades [309].

Dragons pass down knowledge about the Demonic race and Divine race so that the generations after them would know what to do when the Demonic race tries to negatively influence the world [479].

The World Tree exists even before the darkness invades the Western Continent [172]. After repeating life and death in a set location for a long period of time, the World Tree comes into existence and becomes the pillar for the Elementals of nature and Elves to live peacefully [482, 487]. At some point in time, the World Tree earns the power to investigate the flow of the world and begins to peek into the past and future [482].

The God of Death cherishes heroes, but is willing to sacrifice a few to save the masses [481]. The God of Death is experienced in making deals and he does something in the past that makes the World Tree not fully trust him [482].

The God of War creates shelters for the weak during times of war [560].

The Forest of Darkness, the Path of No Return, and the Lake of Despair have been around since ancient times [131].

The Western continent’s common language and Eastern continent’s common language has been used since ancient times [377, 393].

A being whom the Demonic race worships is sealed by the gods for breaking a rule [555, 560]. The being is called the enemy of the gods, the nameless god, and the sealed god [560].

Puzzle City falls out of the grace of a god in the past and people began to build rock towers to reach out to that god [22]. Eventually, they began to make rock towers as a symbol of overcoming the odds and achieving their wishes by themselves [22].

10,000 Years Ago[edit | edit source]

(Also known as Ancient Times [5], the Dark Ages [172], the Warring Ages [172])  

Darkness (which the World Tree sees, but cannot predict the true body of) falls on the world during ancient times [172]. Many lifeforms begin to fight against each other such that the word ‘peace’ is nonexistent [172].  

The Rise of the Ancient White Star[edit | edit source]

The Ancient White Star, a man who wishes to become nature itself, is born [349].  

When the Ancient White Star gains the sky attribute, he begins to absorb dead mana [349]. At some point in time, a darkness ancient power user and a light ancient power user begins to follow the Ancient White Star [418]. Soon, a group of black mages, who later become known as the Forest of Darkness, also choose to follow him because of their ability to create battlefields where black magic can be at their strongest and they treat the Ancient White Star as a god [349, 420].  

The Ancient White Star and the darkness and light ancient power users control the sky such that only the lands they choose flourish while others become desolate hells [349, 377, 419]. Black mages deprive multiple people of their lives, creating dead mana, golems, and black despair [299]. The black mages offer the dead mana as a sacrifice to the Ancient White Star [349].  

At some point in time, the Ancient White Star also gathers the strongest of the five natural attribute ancient powers [350, 380]. The Ancient White Star’s water ancient power, Water Wall, acts as a defensive wall [448, 469]. His wind ancient power is often used as a wind wall or a whip that looks like a snake made of tornados [382, 464]. His fire ancient power, Fire of Natural Disaster, can create pillars and rivers of a magma-like red liquid [449, 464]. His wood ancient power remains unknown. His earth ancient power, Blood-Drenched Rock, can bewitch people to kill others and also causes people to feel the instinctual fear of death [463].

At some point in time, the Ancient White Star begins to fuse his ancient powers together to become a god [378].

Many people confront the Ancient White Star, rebelling against his rule and wishing to destroy him and the Forest of Darkness [378]. They find it difficult to fight against the Ancient White Star however because of his power and because of the users of the darkness and light ancient powers who can strengthen black magic and beings born from darkness as well as weaken beings who are not of darkness [420].

The Birth of Heroes[edit | edit source]

Unable to control his powers, the Fire of Destruction burns up a noble’s paddy field [276]. To prevent him from being taken away, his poor parents offers all their money to the noble [276].

Indestructible Shield is born in the Jungle, which used to be called the Forest of Darkness because the trees were all black [310]. Indestructible Shield is captured by the Forest of Darkness followers and becomes a priestess candidate [349]. Indestructible Shield is despised for being a glutton and banished from the Forest of Darkness [11]. She left with her friends to correct the world [11].

Super Rock protects his hometown from an ogre and lots of other monsters [130].

Sound of Wind is born blind, but with the ability to control the wind and listen to the Wind Elementals [347]. When she loses her family, home, and normal life, she becomes a thief [347].

The Water of Judgment is chained by a god from the moment she was born because she was someone who went against the laws of nature [254]. She is told many times that she was a slave [255]. The God of War treasures the Water of Judgment who has many talents that could be used for the world and the potential to become a ruler [252, 255]. The God of War frees her and gives her the name the Water of Judgment before giving her to humans [254, 255].  

The God of War creates a river for the frozen northern lands of the Western Continent [179].

Since Water of Judgment has the attention of the God of War, many people revere her and wants her to take care of their problems [255]. The Water of Judgment, however, does not use her full potential because she finds tasks associated with power to be annoying and wants to be free [252]. The Paerun Kingdom’s people, especially the white snakes (the Sekka household?), tries to use her and chain her again, but she escapes and runs away [254, 255].

The Escape of the Water of Judgment[edit | edit source]

The Paerun Kingdom chases away the God of War’s child and dams the river into the God’s Tears lake in order to horde the water for themselves [179]. Enraged, the God of War dries the lake and leaves behind a divine item with his written will inside [179]. The first Duke of the Sekka household, who is also the first Guardian Knight, creates a garden in his estate wherein the divine item is placed [179].

The Water of Judgment meets the other ancient power users who help her run away to the Eastern continent [255]. During the escape, the Water of Judgment fights and loses a lot against the Fire of Destruction, Indestructible Shield, and Super Rock [253]. The Water of Judgment also begins to wish to give herself a name like the other ancient powers [254].  

During the escape, the ancient power users help the Water of Judgment write a letter of resignation, cause a fire in order to create a diversion, and then defend against the white snakes with a shield [254]. They also gave her a ride on the wind to help her move, and finally, gave her a body that was as strong as his own boulder. There was also a nice person who consoled her and was her conversation buddy [254].  

At some point in time, the Water of Judgment and ancient power users fight against an illusionist [446].  

At some point in time, the Water of Judgment with the Fire of Destruction also writes to the World Tree a letter of resignation saying that she is free and decides to go cause trouble in life like the Fire of Destruction [173, 251-252].

The Northern Chaos[edit | edit source]

The World Tree feels fear for the first time when people with ancient powers and whose pasts and futures are unable to be seen appear. Feeling that it had no choice, the World Tree creates a snowstorm, freezing and taking over the whole north [172, 169]. Fire of Destruction tries to burn up the World Tree in response, causing the World Tree to begin collecting money in case he ever appears again [169].  

Fire of Destruction, Vitality of Heart, Indestructible Shield, Sound of Wind, and Sky Eating Water fight thousands of golems [299]. Within the golems, the Fire of Destruction hears his parents’ cry and he goes crazy [301]. The Fire of Destruction sets the entire northern area of the Western continent on fire, eliminating almost all of the golems and black despair within them [299]. The Fire of Destruction also sets fire on the north to help Sky Eating Water and because of another unknown reason [299]. The Water of Judgment may have put out the Fire of Destruction’s fire [251].

Dark Elves and necromancers also help purify the black despair [300].

The Heroes’ Separations and Deaths[edit | edit source]

The people who help the Water of Judgment remain in the Western continent to fight [255]. Left alone on the Eastern continent, the Water of Judgment realizes that she didn’t know how to live a free life [255].

At some point in time, the Vitality of Heart betrays his comrades and runs away [24].

At some point in time, Super Rock leaves his friends and goes around helping other people [244, 336].

At some point in time, the Fire of Destruction dies punching and fighting an endless horde of large golems and black mages under the dark sky created by the darkness ancient power user [348, 420]. At that time, the Fire of Destruction was the only source of light [420].

On Wind Island, thousands of lives, including the Sound of Wind’s family and friends, are killed to create dead mana and an ancient artifact of healing and Wind Island becomes a dead mana storage facility [348]. Sound of Wind attempts to steal the ancient artifact from the temple on Wind Island, but fails and she instead leaves her top’s whip and asks the Wind Elementals to protect and defend the island from anybody who approaches it [348]. Sound of Wind also creates a test for the next person to own her top’s whip [350]. Sound of Wind is captured, tied to a boulder, and thrown deep into the ocean [347]. Wind Island becomes a Restricted Area on Eastern Continent [348]. Whirlpools form in the Ubarr Territory’s coastline when Sound of Wind dies [51].

Bud’s ancestor, a fellow thief and friend of Sound of Wind, arrives on the twin island of Wind Island and creates the first brewery [347, 348]. Those who inherit the wind attribute ancient power become guardians of Wind Island who makes sure that the ancient artifact on Wind Island did not fall into an evil person’s hands [347].

The ground of the land of boulders becomes a land of death poisoned by dead mana [311]. Unable to leave the ground desolate, Indestructible Shield eats all the dead mana and dies by the former black tree of the present-day Henituse territory [11, 311].

The Return of Heroes[edit | edit source]

Having helped other people who needed help, the Super Rock failed to protect his friends  who always sacrificed their lives to fight in the front [244, 336]. Super Rock lives alone in the underground villa [244].

One day, Choi Jung Gun (15) appears in the Forest of Darkness, a vibrant forest in a land filled with boulders [385]. Being a foreigner in the world, Choi Jung Gun calls himself Nelan Barrow [385]. Super Rock, a guardian in that area, finds him and helps Choi Jung Gun live in this new world [385].

Right before going to save the world from darkness, Super Rock leaves all of his belongings, as well as the belongings of his friends, in his hometown [131].  

The Final Battle and End of Ancient Times[edit | edit source]

A large number of ancient power users from both continents gather together to fight against the Ancient White Star [350, 378]. The final battle led by Super Rock lasts for over 20 years and results in the deaths of everyone except Nelan Barrow, bringing an end to the ancient times [350, 378]. The Ancient White Star’s soul is destroyed [367]. As the Ancient White Star and Super Rock dies, Super Rock sees the Ancient White Star’s unmasked face [485].

The Transitional Period [385][edit | edit source]

The Birth of Dragon Slayers[edit | edit source]

Nelan Barrow survives the final battle, having been protected by the Super Rock because he was the weakest and because he had Dominating Aura, an ancient power which gives people the courage to fight against their fear of the Ancient White Star [350, 378, 463]. Before he dies, Super Rock asks Nelan Barrow to train new strong individuals to protect the land and prevent a second Ancient White Star from appearing [350]. At first, Nelan Barrow does not do it, suffering under the trauma from war, but eventually, he remembers Super Rock’s request and sets out to do it [385].

Sheritt, the final Dragon Lord, is born near the end of ancient times [357]. In the beginning of her life, Sheritt is extremely weak and would constantly lose to other Dragons in spars [369].

Although there are no records of the Ancient White Star’s family, past, or relationships, the descendants of the Ancient White Star remain alive [486].

Despite the end of the Ancient White Star and deaths of almost everyone who was strong at the time, the world remains chaotic because many members of White Star’s Forest of Darkness were still alive and many evil people tries to fulfill their evil ambitions with the strong people now all gone [385]. War nearly breaks out, but Nelan Barrow tricks the world into thinking that he is the strongest person in the world with Dominating Aura and his title as the sole surviving hero [385].  

At some point in time, Sheritt and Nelan Barrow becomes friends [342].  

Nelan Barrow makes a plan to make humans with large plates focus purely on getting stronger so that another White Star would not appear and try to rule the world [479]. Sheritt helps him, thinking that Dragons need an existence that was at their level to prevent the more arrogant Dragons from causing the world harm [479]. Their plan was to have Dragon Slayers and Dragons balance each other out and live together in harmony [479].

Together, they create the Dragon Slayer village in the area where the Castle of Light now is [350, 376]. Sheritt and Nelan Barrow chooses to give the strongest human the Dragon Slayer title because ‘Slayer’ sounded cool [479]. Nelan Barrow becomes the first Dragon Slayer and begins to gather strong humans together [342]. People gather around Nelan Barrow, lured by his supposed strength and then to help bring peace to the world [385]. The village becomes a place where strong individuals gather and train to become the strongest and the next generation’s Dragon Slayer [385].

At some point in time, Nelan Barrow introduces the Whales to the glaciers of the Northern tip of the Western continent [392].

At some point in time, Nelan Barrow realizes that he ages very slowly and Nelan chooses to shorten his lifespan by pouring all his vitality into creating the Sword of Disasters with one of his ancient powers, Abandoning Your Life [377, 385, 402]. Nelan leaves only six months of his life left so that he can write a record [385]. Nelan Barrow passes the Sword of Disasters, wyvern controlling ancient power, and Abandoning Your Life on to the next Dragon Slayer [385, 402]. Nelan Barrow emphasizes a lot to the second Dragon Slayer that they needed to be cautious of the power of fear [469].

Although Nelan Barrow chooses not to share anything about Korea and his past as Choi Jung Gun with anyone, Nelan Barrow writes a record of ancient times titled The Birth of a Hero in both the Eastern continent’s language and Korean [377].

People begin to believe that black magic has completely disappeared [300]. Actually, black magic still exists and even develops over time [411].

At some point in time, the Water of Judgment dies and becomes a lake which judges monsters and humans [252].

Vitality of the Heart (150) spends 100 years trying to build a rock tower in the Wind-Gathering Cave [22]. He keeps building one and destroying it whenever he was about the finish, repeating the process until he dies [22].

The End of the Last Dragon Lord  [edit | edit source]

Sheritt becomes close friends with every generation of the Dragon Slayers after Nelan Barrow’s death [367].

Sheritt (800) gives birth to two eggs, a black egg and a red egg [367]. Realizing that they may be born long after she dies naturally, Sheritt decides to create a place where they can live happily and safely until their second growth phase [366]. She asks the Dragon Slayer of that time period for a favor and the Dragon Slayer makes an oath of death to protect the castle until her children are born [367].

Sheritt dies, creating the Castle of Light which becomes one of the Three Restricted Areas of the Eastern continent [365, 384]. Once she died, all living Dragons tried to enter because the next generation’s Dragon Lord had not yet been decided but the gates would not open for any Dragon [365]. For millennia, the Castle of Light would only open to the Dragon Slayer with the White Crown with a certain power [367].

At some point in time, one of the original Three Restricted Areas disappear [479].

The Rise of the Roan Kingdom[edit | edit source]

At some point in time, the Crossman household, the oldest royal family and descendants of the Ancient White Star, hears the Sun God order them to keep traveling around the world until he gives them a revelation to go to the Land of Boulder, create a kingdom, and rule over it [485, 486, 589]. The first head of the Crossman rules over the Roan Kingdom and conceals a large boulder which is engraved with the words of the Sun God [485]. The Crossman royal family begins to worry about their appearance and their actions, fearing the curse of the Sun God [485].

Timeline of Choi Han’s Time in the Forest of Darkness[edit | edit source]

Note: [number] are chapter references. (number) is the age of the character at that point in time.

Note: Timeline is fan made and may be inaccurate.

Note: Although this happens long after 1,000 years ago, the exact year Choi Han appears in the Forest of Darkness is unknown so I placed it here.

Choi Han (17) appears in the Forest of Darkness with nothing but his school uniform, his wallet, and a family picture [446]. Choi Han loses his wallet on the first day [446]. At first, Choi Han wanders through the forest and does not recognize the rotten smell of blood that was permeated throughout it [447]. Choi Han also does not notice wild animals and monsters watching him [447]. One wild animal chases him and as Choi Han runs away, Choi Han loses his wallet [447]. Although Choi Han eventually trips, falls, and nearly gives up on surviving, the memories of his family causes him to keep running from the animal and resolve to survive no matter what [447]. Choi Han tries to find his wallet again after a few days, but he never finds it [447].

In the beginning, Choi Han is the weakest existence in the Forest of Darkness [221]. Choi Han often digs holes and hides for multiple days at a time, even going multiple days without food or sleep [221, 270]. Choi Han begins to throw away many things to survive such as pride, cleanliness, warmth, and rest [326]. At times, Choi Han eats food that monsters had thrown away on the ground, hides between monster corpses while bugs crawl on his body, and even covers himself in monster dung so that monsters would not smell him [326]. Eventually, his sword and aura become black with despair [326]. Although he throws away many things, Choi Han always repeats his name over and over again at night, refusing to throw away his name and identity [326]. Eventually, Choi Han names his sword art, Dark Destruction Sword Art, because he destroys everything but his name [326].

Choi Han forces himself to remember his family members’ faces, reminding himself hundreds of thousands of times [378]. Just as he had forgotten the faces of everyone else from Korea however, Choi Han eventually forgets the faces of his family members [378, 446].

Timeline of the Current Era[edit | edit source]

Note: [number] are chapter references. (number) are ages of the character in that year. In Korea, kids are 1 years old when they are born and everyone grows a year older on January 1.  

Note: Timeline is fan made and may be inaccurate.

~1000+ Years before Year 783 of the Felix Calendar (FC)

Bernard is born [333].

Years later, Bernard throws away his human body, places his soul into a Life Vessel orb, and lives on as a Lich [308].

The Rise of the Queen of Death

A necromancer gains the strength to overpower black mages and becomes known as the Queen of Death, the Sage of Death, and later the final necromancer [316].

The Queen of Death travels alone throughout the Western continent, reaching out to and encouraging many races with the darkness attribute to come out of hiding and mix in with the world [331]. At some point in time, the Queen of Death meets Bernard and tells him to lead the way for black mages to live in peace [331]. The Queen of Death tells Bernard that there must be a way for black magic to intermingle with nature and be used for things that are not evil [331].

The Death of the Queen of Death

Bernard begins to try to get rid of all the necromancers and Dark Elves with both black mages and the churches of light [304, 316].

The Queen of Death creates a large underground city called the City of Death in the desert for the Dark Elves escaping and hiding from the churches of light [316, 413]. The Queen of Death turns the desert of Caro Kingdom into the Land of Death [304]. The Land of Death becomes the fifth of the Five Forbidden Regions of the Western Continent [316].  

Before the Queen of Death dies, she declares that the King of Death could only be a necromancer because only necromancers knew the pain of darkness, death, and the lowest experiences [316]. The Queen of Death leaves two books on black magic and necromancy with the mayor of the City of Death and the Dark Elves leave records of the times for the future generations [316, 413].

Bernard goes to the Mogoru Empire to find the Condemnation of the Sun and to cause all powerful light related beings and things to disappear [309].

~1000 Years before Year 783 FC

White Star’s first body, Cale Barrow, is born [335, 427].  

The Origin of the White Star[edit | edit source]

The White Star desires a lifespan and power greater than that of Dragons as well as the strength to rule the world [336, 367]. Fascinated by the stories of the Ancient White Star’s strength, White Star begins to ask the current Dragon Slayer more and more questions about the Ancient White Star [469]. Upon becoming the Dragon Slayer and receiving the White Crown in his early 20s, the White Star reads The Birth of a Hero, destroys the Castle of Light, and steals Sheritt’s eggs [367, 540]. The White Star is cursed on November 8th [540]. After being cursed, the White Star begins trying to create a person who can replace him (e.g. Syrem and the Dragon half-blood are his failed attempts) so that he can become the ruler of the world [335, 336].

Although the White Star does not take Nelan Barrow’s memoir with him, the White Star takes the other past Dragon Slayers’ memoirs and diaries [469]. White Star tries deciphering the Korean words in The Birth of a Hero, but fails many times [431].

After leaving the region of the Castle of Light, the White Star becomes the first Mercenary King and creates the first Mercenaries Guild’s branch and the Directory, the Eastern continent’s first record library [358].

The Birth of Eruhaben[edit | edit source]

Eruhaben is born after fifty years of staying within his egg [257, 276, 357]. In the beginning, many beings mock him for his ‘weak’ dust attribute, but Eruhaben works hard and eventually becomes someone other Dragons called a ‘natural fighter’ [336]. Feeling sympathy for those weaker than him, Eruhaben begins to help Elves, the World Tree, and young Dragons here and there [336].

~962 Years before Year 783 FC

Lisetter, an archer with a wind ancient power, is born in the northern part of the Eastern continent [361]. He becomes the first recorded person in the Directory to use an ancient power [361].

~954 Years before Year 783 FC

Chaaru, a swordsman with a water ancient power, is born on a southern island [361].

~930 Years before Year 783 FC

Chaaru (24) dies [361].

~901 Years before Year 783 FC

Lisetter (61) dies [361].

~900 Years before Year 783 FC

The Dragon half-blood is born [222].  

The Origin of the Dragon Half-blood[edit | edit source]

In his second or third reincarnation, the White Star looks for children to use as experiments to create a chimera [461]. The Dragon half-blood is sold by his parents to the White Star for a gold coin [461]. The White Star forces him to live in a dark cave so that he would desire light and his power of light would grow stronger [246]. The White Star also places the heart of the child of the last Dragon Lord inside his body, turning him into a chimera [261, 461]. The moment the Dragon half-blood becomes a chimera, the White Star gives the Dragon half-blood a black egg and tells him to destroy it [459]. However, the Dragon half-blood hides and protects the black egg which was the only thing that kept him company in the dark cave for years [477].

Once in a while, the White Star visits him to feed the White Crown with his blood [247]. The Dragon half-blood stays in the cave until after he goes through his first growth phase [246]. After his first growth phase, the White Star takes the Dragon half-blood with him to find and kill strong Dragons with the potential to become Dragon Lords [461]. Until he reaches his second growth phase, the Dragon half-blood eats four Dragon hearts [261].

~800 Years before Year 783 FC

Mila is born [632].

Year 2 FC

Elsren, a spearman with a fire ancient power, is born in a free city [361].

Year 43 FC

Elsren (41) dies [361].

~Year 83 FC

Eruhaben (~300) goes on an adventure to beat up the Dragons who looked down on his dust attribute [632]. One day, during a typhoon, Mila (~100) witnesses Eruhaben beat up the two Dragons she was attempting to assassinate [632].

Year 260 FC

Obante, the grandfather of Tasha and Alberu’s mother, is born [100].

Year 281 FC

The Alchemists’ Bell Tower of the Mogoru Empire is created [98].

(Note: Around this time, the Popes of the Church of the Sun God begin to be selected by meetings between the church’s leaders rather than directly appointed by the Sun God [156].)

Year 491 FC

Tasha is born [99].  

Dark Elf Shawn is born [100].

Year 533 FC

For the next 250 years, Witira trains and fights day after day to become strong [429].

Year 581 FC

For the next 200 years, the Western Continent is in relative peace [40].

~Year 583 FC

Olienne, an ancient Green Dragon in the Eastern continent dies [204, 251].

The Mercenaries Guild purchases land inside Resting City to build a new central headquarters near the original Mercenaries Guild base [358].

Year 585 FC

Sayeru begins to follow the White Star [428].

Year 630 FC

Naru Von Ejellan, Duke Fredo’s disguise, is ‘born’ [531].

Year 631 FC

For the next 150 years, there are no attacks on the Henituse territory from the monsters of the Forest of Darkness [59].  

The Church of the Sun God is established as the official religion in the Mogoru Empire [98, 157].

Year 703 FC

Sonata Gyerre is born as the youngest sibling to the founder of the Gyerre Duchy of the Roan Kingdom [153].

(Note: Around this year, the Southern Alchemists’ Tower Master begins to follow the White Star [407].)

Year 713 FC

The White Star begins to prepare to create the Endable Kingdom in his second-to-last incarnation [534]. At some point in time, the White Star begins to create the underground facility wherein the device to turn him into a member of the Demonic race is placed [552].

Year 721 FC

Odeus Flynn is born [32, 41].

Year 732 FC

The Sun’s Tear, a golden diamond, is sold for ten billion gallons in Caro Kingdom’s secret auction [159].

Year 731 FC

Zed Crossman is born in the Roan Kingdom [28].

Year 733 FC

The Baron Chryshi household, a household of scholars and instructors of the king who reigned 150 years ago, becomes a vassal of the Gyerre Duchy of the Roan Kingdom [182]. (Note: Some years later, Sonata Gyerre’s family, with the exception of her nearly one year old grandson Antonio, would die in a carriage accident, causing her to be known as the Woman with Iron Blood and the Woman of Misfortune [153].

(Note: Around this time, Sir Babala from the Breck Kingdom becomes the central figure in Breck Kingdom’s monster clearing plan [628].)  

Year 748 FC

Bud Illis is born [341].

Year 751 FC

Mueller Hon, the Dwarf-Rat, is born [74].  

Odeus Flynn (30) partners with the Blue Wolf Tribe, having been helped by them before. They begin to deliver daily necessities to the Blue Wolf Tribe in exchange for medicinal herbs [32].

Zed Crossman (20) becomes King of Roan Kingdom after the former king’s sudden death [43]. King Zed kills off all of his siblings to solidify his position of power [43].

Year 752 FC

Muller Hon (1) looks at his first blueprint [82].

Year 756 FC

Mary is born [102].

Mueller Hon (5) holds his first hammer [82].

Year 757 FC

Rex is born [158, 161]. (Note: Rex’s public age is actually two years younger than his real age in order to hide how he had escaped from the Alchemists’ Bell Tower.)

Year 758 FC

Alberu Crossman, the eldest prince of Roan Kingdom, is born. The Palace of Joy is built by King Zed (27) to celebrate his birth [37].

Year 759 FC

Mage Becrock is born [407]. Becrock is born poor without anything to his name [408].

Rosalyn is born [408].

Year 763 FC

Cale Henituse is born [3].  [edit | edit source]

Pen, the fourth prince of the Breck Kingdom and youngest of six, is born [107].

Bob, future beginner adventurer, is born [272].

The Establishment of Endable Kingdom[edit | edit source]

White Star’s current body is born [334]. The body the White Star uses was supposed to have been inhabited by Kim Rok Soo, but the reincarnating soul of the White Star pushes Kim Rok Soo out of the body such that Kim Rok Soo ends up being born on Earth instead [662].

The Endable Kingdom is established [532]. Those who join Endable Kingdom undergo a rite of passage in which they are cursed so that they cannot destroy the device which can turn the White Star into a member of the Demonic race [533]. Vampire Fredo becomes a Duke, Chief Priest Gersey becomes a Marquis, Dark Elf Mock becomes a Count, and Knight Hubesha becomes another Count [535]. Many strong individuals become noble awaiters [535].

As Fredo creates his home in Endable Kingdom, Fredo tells the Vampires that he will create a hometown for all the wandering Vampires to be able to return to [534].

Fredo pretends that he has a son named Naru who is weak and that his son needs to stay in a villa outside of the Endable Kingdom for healing and resting [532]. The Vampires and citizens of the Endable Kingdom all come to love Naru over time [532]. Only the Knight Captain, Butler Melundo, and Solena, who is Fredo’s right arm, know that Naru is just Fredo in disguise [531].

The White Star, Alchemists’ Bell Tower, and Mogoru Empire partner together to research dead mana in attempt to create mana [283].

Year 766 FC

Violan, born as the eldest daughter of a poor artist’s family and of a fallen noble family, runs a merchant guild and trades for luxury goods in the Henituse territory [14, 106]. Edro, her sword instructor and the former Knight Captain of her family, protects her as a mercenary [106].

Basen Henituse is born [9].

The Origin of Necromancer Mary[edit | edit source]

Mary (10) runs into the Land of Death with her family [102]. On that day, the amount of dead mana rising in the Land of Death is about twenty times the norm, the highest seen in the past few hundred years [102]. Tasha (275) finds and saves Mary, who loses all her memories except for one thing: hearing her mother’s voice while running across the desert [102]. When Obante (506) gives her a choice between becoming a black mage and a necromancer to survive, Mary chooses to become a necromancer to learn how to control dead mana and how to bear the sufferings and yearnings of the dead with the gratitude for being alive [102, 304].  

Year 767 FC

The Alchemists’ Bell Tower begins to take in five to fifteen year old orphans and children from the slums to teach them and make them do menial chores [155]. Among them are Rex (10) and his siblings [158]. The Empire civilians begin to think better of the Alchemists’ Bell Tower and offer donations [155]. The Alchemists’ Bell Tower begins experiments on the children to research dead mana and create black golems [297]. Rex escapes and returns to his parents who hid him in a crypt for two years [161]. (Note: In the novel, it mentions that Rex is 5 when he enters the Bell Tower, but the numbers don’t add up [161].)

Crock, future leader of the Mercenaries Guild’s core members, learns greatsword techniques with Beacrox for one year before joining the Mercenaries Guild as a low-ranking member [363].

Year 768 FC

Lock is born [31].

The Molan Household Massacre[edit | edit source]

Ron (45+) loses his wife, family, and the majority of the Molan household to Arm [363]. Ron nearly attempts to get revenge even at the cost of his own life, but after seeing his wife’s love for Beacrox (15+), Ron instead chooses to run away [258]. Ron escapes from the Eastern continent with Beacrox running behind him [456]. Ron does all sorts of jobs in the Western continent before becoming a servant in the Henituse household [253, 456]. Although Beacrox is more talented in torture and stealth arts, Beacrox chooses to keep using the greatsword because his mother had used it [364].

(Note: In [253], Ron says that he escapes when Beacrox is only about 10 years old, but [363] mentions that the Molan household is killed 15 years before Year 783 which would make Beacrox much older. While in [456] Cale mentions that Ron and Beacrox are returning home for the first time in almost 20 years, [463] and the last few lines of [456] confirms that the Molan massacre happened 15 years in the past.)  

Arm searches the entire Eastern continent for Ron and Beacrox Molan [275]. The Molan residence becomes Arm’s first secret base wherein Arm gathers information about the continent [456].

Atures Poeff becomes the squad leader of Arm’s Second Battle Brigade after betraying and massacring the Poeff household [363]. Glenn Poeff becomes the only survivor of his family [344].

The other households of the Five Assassin Households of the Eastern continent are also destroyed [504]. While some of the surviving assassins go into hiding, the assassins who choose to serve the White Star begin to groom new subordinates and serve Arm [504].  

Year 769 FC

Dodori is born [628].  

Maes is born [50].

Year 771 FC

On is born [5, 166].

When Violan marries Count Deruth, Count Deruth builds a restaurant for Edro to carry out his dream as a chef [106]. Violan becomes the director for the territory’s cultural business operations [14].

Around this time, Basen (5) begins to live in the Henituse territory [433, 656]. Less than a month later, Cale speaks to Basen for the first time and Cale tells Basen that he is a member of the Henituse family no matter what his cousins and the others say [433, 656]. Cale also tells Basen to protect his mother [433].

Cale (8) stops going to the study [3]. Cale also begins to live as trash [12]. While Cale shuns the rest of his family and treats them as outsiders, Ron continues to watch over Cale [91, 433].

No matter how much Cale begins to act like trash and how much the cousins want to kick Cale out, Violan and Basen refuses to let Cale be kicked out [656]. Despite Cale's trash manners, Violan continues to want Cale, instead of Basen, to be the territory lord [656].

Rei Stecker, a beginner alchemist who had been a trainee at the Empire’s Southern Alchemists’ Tower for a month, runs away after seeing the alchemists perform an experiment on one of the children he had been put in charge of [155]. As he tries to save the child, the poisoned child’s fingernails scratch Rei’s hand, forcing him to cut off his hand and run [155].

Year 772 FC

The Alchemists’ Bell Tower begins to conspire with the Empire’s royal family to kidnap civilians for human experimentation [155].

The Southern Alchemists’ Tower assumes that Rei Stecker is dead and stops chasing him [155]. For the next 10 years, Rei begins to act as a fake alchemist [155]. Rei sells poisons and bombs to underworld organizations in the Empire, using the money to buy alcohol to drink and food for the children of the slums [155].

Duke Huten (50+) reaches the sword master level and becomes known as the Mogoru Empire’s Knight of the Sun [160].

Year 773 FC

Arm dominates the Eastern continent’s underworld [229].

The Molden Kingdom of the Eastern continent grows significantly, becoming the center of the Eastern continent’s economy and material distribution [455].

The White Star, Becrock, and an unnamed person creates a transparent wall around Arm’s second secret base [458]. The wall blocks all powers except those of the people registered to the base village [458].

Adite becomes the Elf priestess and begins to take care of the World Tree in End Village [170, 171].

The Singten Merchant Guild of the Mogoru Empire purchases the Determination of Fire necklace from the Golden Tree Auction house in Vegas City and offers it to the Pope of the Church of the Sun God [187]. The Singten Merchant Guild also becomes one of the main partners of the Mogoru Empire royalty by providing them with slaves to experiment on [187]. As a result, the Singten Merchant Guild of the Mogoru Empire begins to rise in political power [187].  

Belle, Jopis’s cousin, is born [498].

(Note: Around this time, Jopis becomes a shaman, realizes the true nature of Elisneh, and gets exiled to Ghost Village. This is implied by how Belle does not remember Jopis and Jopis has only seen Belle as a baby [498].)

Year 774 FC

Lily Henituse is born [14].  

Year 775 FC

Hong is born [176].

(Note: Born as mutants unable to go berserk, On (4) and Hong are denied status and the Fog Cat Tribe isolates them such that they cannot hang out with anyone or learn anything [456, 640]. On and Hong learns the things they should have learned as members of the Fog Cat Tribe by stealthily sneaking glances at other Cats who were learning [456].)

Year 776 FC

Viscount Tolz joins Marquis Stan’s faction, cutting off friendly relations with the Henituse family [37]. The Viscount begins to attempt controlling the Northeastern nobles meeting [37].  

For the next five years, Venion Stan begins to become a hidden obstacle to Odeus Flynn’s attempt to control the entire underworld of the northwestern region of the Roan Kingdom [84].

The Northern Alliance starts stealthily building ships to invade the South [82].  

Tasha (284) sends the City of Death a letter for the last time in five years [100].

Dodori (7) reads a book about Super Rock  and begins to admire heroes [629]. After being unable to find another novel of a hero that interested him, Dodori decides to leave home to personally find and join a hero as an archer [629].  

Year 777 FC

(Note: Around this year, the Dragon half-blood disobeys the White Star for the first time and gives Redika the black egg containing Raon, ordering him to place the black egg in a cave in the Western continent [458, 461].)

The dragon egg Marquis Stan receives from Redika hatches [461]. Raon Miru is born [10, 17]. Marquis Stan chains him with mana restricting chains and tortures Raon in a cave every day in attempt to tame him [10].

Rex (20) creates an organization and buy bombs from both fake and real Alchemists in the underworld to get revenge on the Empire [161].

Year 778 FC

Cale (15) starts to drink [12].  

The guild leader of Freesia’s assassin guild accepts a kidnapping job from a vassal of the Roan Kingdom’s Southwest Territory’s Duke Gyerre [152]. Freesia refuses the job, kills the guild leader, attempts to assassinate the noble, and runs away with other assassins from the Southwest district [152]. Freesia then pretends to be a sculptor in the Henituse territory for the next three years [106].

An illegal casino that had once been a gambling ring in Leeb-An City is abandoned by the Indomitable Ruler’s friend and is given to the Indomitable Ruler and his bandit group [230]. The casino is later rebuilt to become the Hope and Adventure Loving Inn [230].

The Merchant Alliance, Mercenaries Guild, and Mostue write an agreement regarding Leeb-An City’s eastern businesses and their underworld dealings [273]. The new Mercenaries Guild branch leader of Leeb-An City hires Glenn Poeff to make a secure vault to contain the agreement [274].

Bakehe allies with the White Star and gives the White Star Mount Nex [638]. The Fog Cat Tribe begins to move into Mount Nex and use it as a place to imprison the White Star’s sacrifices [638].

Bakehe becomes the king of the Sez Kingdom [638]. A magical fog descends from Mount Nex and covers the entire mountain the moment he is crowned [638].

King Bakehe creates training centers to teach people regardless of background sword arts [638]. The palace covers all the fees associated with the facilities and those with talent become successful knights [638].

Year 779 FC

Basen (13) begins to attend events hosted by the crown and nobles as the representative of the Henituse household and begins to assume the official duties and responsibilities as heir to the Henituse household [9]. Cale (16) stops enjoying wearing fancy clothes and showing off [43].

There is a battle between land and flying monsters in the Forest of Darkness, causing 200+ corpses to be buried with their skeletons intact [104].  

Rex (22) becomes a knight in the Mogoru Empire and the others of his organization become royal servants and maids [161].

Year 780 FC

The population in the City of Death increases, causing them to try to build a new underground city [468]. The plan ends up failing halfway when they realize too late that the ground in the area could easily crumble [468].

Six months before Paseton meets Cale, the mermaids begin to cross the border between the mermaid territory and the Whale Tribe to provoke the Whales, create a mermaid kingdom, and to secretly take control of the sea routes connecting the Eastern and Western continents [58].

Year 781 of the Felix Calendar [3][edit | edit source]

Note: [number] are chapter references. (number) are ages of the character in that year. In Korea, kids are 1 years old when they are born and everyone grows a year older on January 1. Age chapter references are in the ‘Summary of Known Ages’ section above.  

NOTE: From here on out, each paragraph is an entire day and the content within that paragraph is what happens within that day (with a margin of error regarding hours around midnight). If the paragraph begins with ‘some days later’, then one or more days have passed. If the paragraph begins with ‘few days later’, then two or more days have passed.  

In January, the Fog Cat Tribe kicks out On (10) and Hong (6), who are the last of their mutant bloodline [13, 369]. On and Hong escapes from their Fog Cat Tribe’s elders who try to kill them and runs away from the Fog Cat Tribe of the Eastern continent [17, 268].

Sometime before March 28, Choi Han (17 + 10s) escapes from the Forest of Darkness and finds himself in Harris Village where he is cared for by the villagers. He is taught to read from the Village Chief [10]. Choi Han goes deep into the Forest of Darkness to find medicinal herbs to heal the person who treated him like her own son [3].

On March 28, all the villagers of Harris Village are murdered by Arm assassins [3]. Choi Han kills all of the assassins [3]. He falls into a state of despair from being unable to gather any information, buries the dead, and makes a vow to kill Arm to avenge the villagers [3]. His mind becomes twisted [3]. (Note: According to Cale's suspicions, it may be possible that the White Star has gained his wood attribute ancient power from Harris Village on this day [657].)

The Transmigration and Start of Cale’s New Life in Rain City  [edit | edit source]

On March 29, the original The Birth of a Hero Cale Henituse (40) returns back in time after a deal with the God of Death and transmigrates into Kim Rok Soo's body, causing Kim Rok Soo (36) to be transmigrated into the body of Cale Henituse (18) [2, 3, 656]. Cale retains his ability ‘Record’ [2, 358]. Cale decides to try avoiding the continent’s war and live peacefully [2]. Cale receives 10 million gallons [3]. Cale goes to the study, writes the events of The Birth of a Hero, and burns it [3,4]. Hans is assigned to Cale to take care of his personal needs [4].

One day later, on March 30, Cale gets 3 million gallons as allowance and goes to The Fragrance of Tea with Poetry, Billos’s tea shop [4]. Choi Han arrives in the morning by the northern gate of Western City (later retconned into Rain City) of Henituse territory after running a week’s worth of distance for a whole day [3, 5, 58]. Although Choi Han wants to prepare a small funeral for the villagers, Choi Han is not allowed in, lacking proper identification, and he decides to waits until night to jump over the city wall [5]. Cale sets the foundation to earn the Indestructible Shield [5]. Cale buys a lot of bread, feeds it to On, Hong, and the man-eating tree in the slums, and heads back to the tea shop to read until 9 pm [6]. Choi Han jumps over the wall and twists his ankle from avoiding to land on On [6]. Cale feeds On and Hong chicken and gives Choi Han a place to stay and food to eat [6]. Beacrox (30+) and Ron (60+) attacks Choi Han, sensing the murderous aura of the Forest of Darkness and from Arm [7, 8, 90]. Hans reports Cale’s activities to Count Deruth, who realizing that Cale is changing [8]. Upon meeting Choi Han, Ron decides to research Arm again [13].

One day later, on March 31, Hans takes care of Choi Han’s requests [8]. Count Deruth orders a funeral for Harris Village and sends people to investigate the massacre [10]. Cale is halfway done with feeding the tree [9]. Deruth tells Cale that he will go visit the crown instead of Basen (15) [9]. Cale tells Choi Han that Choi Han can protect people [10]. Cale also tells Choi Han to repay him by finding and bringing Rosalyn (22) and Lock (13) to the capital [10]. Cale receives 10 million gallon from Deruth [10].

One day later, on April 1, Ron decides to go to the capital with Cale and Cale requests that Beacrox and Hans come with him [11, 12]. Cale receives the Indestructible Shield from the man-eating tree on a foggy, rainy day [11]. Cale takes in On and Hong [11]. Choi Han defeats Count Deruth’s entire Knight Brigade [12]. Ron and Beacrox take Choi Han shopping after realizing that Choi Han is going with Cale as a guard and Choi Han gets a new sword [12, 13]. Cale encourages Billos to live the way he wants and gets Choi Han and Billos to briefly meet each other [12]. Ron decides to teach the Cats assassination skills and the Cats decide to follow Cale [13].

One day later, on April 2, On and Hong demonstrates their abilities to Cale [14].

Some days later, Cale wanders around the entire Henituse territory to prepare for the trip and visits a sculpture gallery Violan likes [14]. Cale also reads information provided by Deruth on nobles, acquires magic tools with the help of Billos, and personally stitches the stars on outfits he ordered to match Arm’s [9, 17, 18].

Some days later, on April 5, Cale leaves for the capital [9]. Violan reduces the envoy’s size per Cale’s request [14]. Basen and Lily (7) say their goodbyes and request souvenirs when Cale offers [14]. Choi Han defeats most of the bandits that appear and Vice Captain Hilsman’s pride [14, 15]. Cale unintentionally inspires Choi Han and his knights to train harder after dinner [15].

The Rescue of the Black Dragon in Tolz Territory[edit | edit source]

One day later, on April 6, Cale arrives in a village in Viscount Tolz’s territory, near where the black dragon is [14, 37]. Choi Han saves an inn owner from being run over and Venion Stan and Cale meet [16]. On and Hong bury a Mana Disturbance Tool near the cave wherein Raon (4) is [17].

One day later, on April 7, Cale tells Choi Han about the black dragon Raon [18]. Cale starts drinking in the middle of the day and almost all the soldiers join, drink, and relax [18]. Cale introduces On and Hong to Choi Han and together, they rescue Raon [18-20]. Raon looks up at the night sky for the first time [20]. Choi Han saves someone for the first time [20]. Raon uses magic for the first time to become invisible and follows Cale from afar after blowing up part of the cave [20, 21].

One day later, on April 8, one of Marquis Stan’s knights comes to interrogate Hilsman [21]. Cale interrupts and throws off suspicions by acting drunk [21]. Cale begins camping [21].

One day later, on April 9, Raon begins leaving food at Cale’s campsite in the morning [21].

The Vitality of the Heart, Taylor, and Cage Near Puzzle City[edit | edit source]

Some days later, Cale arrives in Puzzle City the week before the Rock Tower Festival [22]. Hans tells them the story of Puzzle City and Cale takes the kids to the Rock Tower Ruins where Cale stealthily identifies Cage and Taylor Stan who are trying to find the Vitality of the Heart [22].  

One day later, Cale enters the Wind Gathering Cave. Raon reveals himself just as Cale retrieves the Vitality of the Heart [24]. At night, On and Hong deliver a letter to Taylor and Cage, informing them that Crown Prince Alberu (23) has an ancient power called the Healing Star which can heal Taylor [24, 25].

(Note: Cale and Choi Han split up the day after this. They don’t reconvene until the first day at the capital.)  

(Note: This is what happens on Cale’s side:  

One day later, Choi Han leaves the group to start the task given to him by Cale [22].

One day later, Cale leaves Puzzle City [25]. At night, Taylor and Cage ask to join their campsite [25]. Cale allows them to and orders his people to help them with their camp and night watch [26].

One day later, Taylor asks Cale if they could follow behind them to the capital and Cale consents [26].

At least one week later, Cale lends Taylor and Cage money and a plan to help them get into the capital [26]. Taylor and Cage make a vow of death to not reveal Cale’s help [26, 27].)  

(Note: Meanwhile, this is what happens on Choi Han’s side:  

One day later, Choi Han leaves the group to start the task given to him by Cale [22].

Some days later, Choi Han arrives in a city, finds a merchant group of five people heading for the capital, and becomes a mercenary for them with Rosalyn [32]. Choi Han and Rosalyn becomes friendly from the start unlike the novel [32]. One of the merchants Choi Han guards is Odeus Flynn (60), a ruler of Roan Kingdom’s northwest and central underworlds [32, 41].

Some days later, Choi Han, Rosalyn, and the merchants arrive at the village where the merchants were supposed to trade with the Blue Wolf Tribe [32]. No one shows up and so the merchants ask Choi Han and Rosalyn to go to the Blue Wolf Village with a Blue Wolf guard warrior [32]. They arrive at the Blue Wolf Village to find the village destroyed and the Arm assassins leaving while trying to take 10 Wolf children with them [32]. Lock tries to stop them [32]. Choi Han tries to capture or kill them, but the captured assassins commit suicide and the rest disappears when Redika uses teleportation magic [32]. Lock goes berserk [32].)  

The Plaza Terror Incident and Cale’s Time in Huiss  [edit | edit source]

One day later, Taylor tells Cale an ancient story of the boulder guardian of Roan Kingdom as Cale helps sneak them into the capital, Huiss [28, 435]. Cale arrives at the Henituse capital residence [29]. Cale is invited to a Northeastern nobles meeting via letter [29]. Cale, On, Hong, and Raon eat together for the first time [29]. Choi Han and Rosalyn arrive in the capital, leaving 10 Wolf children with Odeus Flynn at the inn Choi Han was supposed to stay in and bringing Lock who had entered into his first berserk transformation to Cale [30, 32]. Lock successfully regains consciousness in his berserk form [30]. After Choi Han reports what happened, Cale makes a vow of death with Choi Han and tells Choi Han about the Plaza Terror Incident [33]. Ron requests and receives two days off [34].

One day later, Cale eats brunch with Rosalyn and Raon [34]. Cale meets the Northeastern nobles, Eric Wheelsman, Gilbert Chetter, and Amiru Ubarr, and they ask him to not cause trouble [35]. At night, Cale brings Raon and Choi Han to the plaza and tells them more about the Plaza Terror Incident [36]. Raon and Choi Han start looking for magic bombs every night [36].

Two days later, Ron returns with a letter from Billos [36]. Lock thanks Cale and asks Cale for help for his siblings. Cale tells Lock to come up with a deal to offer him instead [37].

Two days later, the nobles of Roan Kingdom respond to Crown Prince Alberu Crossman’s invitation and gather together for a feast and discussion [37]. Venion confirms that Cale didn’t steal Raon [37]. Taylor Stan and Cage appear and join the feast [37]. Cale recommends to Amiru to ask Alberu for an investment in Ubarr territory for a navy instead of for tourism [40]. Choi Han and Raon find four magic bombs in the plaza [40].

One day later, Billos arrives in the capital [40]. Cale gives Lock money to tour around the capital with his siblings (10-12), On, and Hong [41]. Cale meets with Odeus Flynn and Billos [41]. Ron asks Cale to take care of Beacrox, announcing his intention to take a year’s leave of absence to hunt Arm [41, 42]. Choi Han places the Mana Disturbance Tool in the plaza [42].

One day later, at dawn, Cale’s group begins to dismantle the magic bombs [42]. Cale and Amiru plan to build a naval base in the Ubarr territory [42]. Taylor stands on his own feet in public after trading with the crown prince for the Healing Star [42]. The Plaza Terror Incident begins [36, 43]. Arm attempts to set off four magic bombs throughout the capital and within the plaza on the day of a royal festival celebrating King Zed Crossman’s 50th birthday [28, 36]. Raon saves something for the first time [44]. When the bombs are a failure, two assassins with two bombs rush towards the royal family and the nobles [44]. Cale uses his shield to surround the bomber heading towards the civilians and nobles, protecting them [44]. Redika teleports, but later gets his arm cut off by Choi Han [45]. Alberu brings Cale with him into the palace and they discuss a reward [46]. Cale gets a golden plaque which allows him to purchase two things regardless of cost [48].

One day later, Ron leaves [47]. Cale sleeps and eats all day as people meet him [47]. Rosalyn informs Cale that she is taking Choi Han and Lock with her to the Breck Kingdom [47]. Cale tells Lock that Cale will take care of his siblings and that Lock is to come back within three months [47].

One week later, King Zed holds a memorial and medal ceremony to award people who took action during the Plaza Terror Incident [48]. Cale declines his medal [48]. By now, he is called Young Master Silver Light and Young Master Shield [48]. Cale returns the magic tools he rented to Billos and receives a new box of items [49]. Cale requests that Billos informs him when the Magic Tower will be destroyed [49]. Taylor leaves for the Stan territory to participate in his siblings’ inheritance war again [49].

One day later, Cale leaves the capital to visit the Ubarr territory [49]. Raon gets language textbooks from Rosalyn [49]. Maes (12) asks Cale to put the Wolves to work and Cale assigns them as Beacrox’s assistants [50].

The Sound of Wind, Whales, and Toonka in Ubarr Territory[edit | edit source]

Some days before Cale enters Ubarr territory, Paseton finds out the source of the mermaids’ sudden increase in strength and is chased by them [57]. Paseton disappears and Witira (250+) searches the entire ocean for him [49, 53].

Some days later, Cale arrives in Ubarr territory [49]. Toonka (36), who had been shipwrecked and saved by Amiru, regains consciousness [49].

One day later, Beacrox, Hilsman, and Cale head out to the island with the largest whirlpool to scout the Sound of Wind [51]. Cale finds three mermaid corpses [51]. Cale blows up a magic bomb in the ocean to dive down and destroy the top causing the whirlpools to earn Sound of Wind [52]. After entering a hidden cave in the Cliff of Winds, Cale finds Paseton and the Fire-Suppressing Water [52, 53]. Cale saves Paseton’s poisoned leg by pouring mermaid blood over it [53].

One day later, Paseton returns to the ocean to recover completely [53]. Witira and Paseton reunite, but the reunion is interrupted by Toonka who wants to fight [55]. The fight ends with Toonka being banished from the Ubarr Territory [56]. At night, Cale tells Toonka of his plans to purchase the Magic Tower, retrieves the Fire-Suppressing Water, and extends the lifespans of the whirlpools [56].

One day later, after Cale introduces Toonka to a ship and crew, Toonka leaves the Ubarr Territory and returns to Whipper Kingdom [57]. Witira and Paseton ask Cale to take them to a swamp in the Forest of Darkness to investigate the source of the mermaids’ increase in strength (Note: This increase occurs one or two months ago) [57, 58]. Cale decides to help them in exchange for rights to the Northern sea route and for the right to ask for their help twice in the future [58]. Raon asks Cale to name him within one month [58].

One day later, Cale leaves the Ubarr territory and Raon reveals himself to Paseton and Witira in the carriage [58].

The Dead Dragon Mana, Dominating Aura, and Harris Village[edit | edit source]

A few days later, Cale arrives back in Rain City (retconned from Western City) in the Henituse territory [58]. As Cale gives Basen and Lily their souvenirs, the two siblings both begin planning to make Cale the family successor [59]. Beacrox gives Cale Ron’s monthly letter [59]. Cale sends a message to Alberu that he is planning to buy the Whipper Kingdom’s Magic Tower and that he will be gone for a week [59]. Cale gets permission from Count Deruth to go to Harris Village [59].

One day later, Cale heads towards Harris Village with Witira and Paseton acting as his guards [59]. Cale tells Hilsman that Cale will be going into the Forest of Darkness and reveals Raon, the Cats, and the Whales to Hilsman [60]. (Note: It’s mentioned that it is now a little longer than two months after the Harris Village Massacre.)

Two days later, Cale arrives in Harris Village, visits the graves, orders the soldiers to dig proper graves, tells the Wolf children that Harris Village will become their future home, and enters the Forest of Darkness [60]. Cale makes a map of the Forest of Darkness and tests his power against the small monsters [61].

Two days later, Cale’s group reaches the swamp, from which someone gathered poison and/or dead mana two weeks to a month ago [62, 63]. The Whales take a sample from the swamp [63]. Raon destroys the swamp, Cale gets Dominating Aura, and Raon stores the dragon bones [64].

Four days later, Cale returns to the Henituse estate two days later than what he had told Alberu before leaving [64]. Choi Han, Lock, and Rosalyn head back from the Breck Kingdom after destroying a Grand Duke’s entire family in a single day, renouncing her claim to the throne, and destroying one of Breck Kingdom’s palaces [64, 65, 107]. Cale tells Alberu of his plans to head to the Whipper Kingdom in a month [65].

(Cale slacks for three weeks [65]. He comes up with a name for Raon, but asks for another month to think about it [65]. He also gets other people to prepare the things he needs for his next trip [65].)  

Three weeks later, Choi Han, Rosalyn, and Lock arrive in Rain City. Cale tells them to go visit Harris Village [65].

One week later, Choi Han and Lock are back from Harris Village with Hilsman and the ten Wolf children [66].

The Naming of Raon Miru and The Magic Tower Purchase in Whipper Kingdom[edit | edit source]

Two days later, Cale tells his family that he is going to Whipper Kingdom on a secret mission for the crown prince [67]. Concerned for his son, Count Deruth secretly gathers information related to Alberu and the Whipper Kingdom [67].

A few days later, Cale arrives in the Ubarr territory and rides a boat to the Whipper Kingdom [67]. Near midnight, Cale names the black dragon Raon Miru, wishing that the dragon will live a joyful life [67]. Soon afterwards, Cale meets with Shickler (300+), Witira, and Archie whom give him three things including a bottle of a dragon’s dead mana and a conch to call him with [68, 91].

One day later, Raon Miru tells everyone his name many times [68].

A few days later, Cale arrives in Whipper Kingdom in time for the end of the civil war of Whipper Kingdom [69]. Cale meets with Billos at the port [68].

A few days later, Cale arrives at the destroyed Magic Tower [69]. Toonka challenges Choi Han to a fight and loses after being beaten unconscious [71]. Cale reveals to Chief Harol Kodiang that Cale knows his secret [73]. There is a warrior celebration for Choi Han at night [73]. Cale finds Mueller (30) and Mueller guides him to the secret rooms of the Magic Tower to find two research documents Harol would desperately want to buy, a seed which Raon raises, and a dragon’s lair’s worth of magic devices and treasures [74]. Cale requests Mueller to design a castle and a ship for him [75].

One day later, Cale buys the Magic Tower from Toonka with the golden plaque [75]. Cale gives Billos a bag of expensive magic devices to sell, offering Billos 30% of the profit and telling Billos to quickly become head of the Flynn Merchant Guild [75]. Billos gives Cale a magic video communication device [75]. Cale sends Lock, the Wolf children, and Hilsman to find the Absorbing Necklace on Mount Yellia and then to arrive at Hoik Village by the Path of No Return within a month [75, 78].

The Path of No Return and The Fire of Section 1 in the Jungle[edit | edit source]

Three weeks later, Cale arrives at Hoik Village [75]. Lock gives Cale the Absorbing Necklace [76, 78].  

One day later, Cale enters the Path of No Return with On and Raon [76]. Cale meets Litana, who had been stuck in the Path of No Return for two weeks, and offers to put out the fire burning Section 1 of the Jungle [76, 78].

One day later, Cale leads Litana and the others out of the Oorim Forest into Hoik Village [78]. Cale proves that the legend of the Path of No Return is wrong and offers the waiting families to bring back the skeletons of their lost loved ones [78]. Litana’s group and Cale’s group travel to the Jungle [78].

One day later, Cale heads out of the Path of No Return to see the smoke of the Jungle [79]. The Cats, the Wolf children, and Hilsman stay behind to find the skeletons within the Path of No Return [79].

One day later, Cale arrives at Section 1 of the Jungle, rides Ten the Black Panther, and uses a third of the Fire Suppressing Water to take out the fire [79]. Cale calls Alberu, asking about the Stan household [80].

One day later, Cale’s group help with the restoration of Section 1 [81]. Cale finds hundreds of highest grade Magic Stones and gets enough land to build a small villa overlooking the ocean [81]. Cale relaxes until everyone in his group gathers together [81].

One week later, Billos picks them up by ship and receives a second bag of magic devices from Cale [81].

The Revenge of the Black Dragon in Stan Territory[edit | edit source]

A few days later, Cale arrives back in the Henituse estate [81]. Cale introduces Mueller Hon to Count Deruth to help reinforce the castle walls [81]. Cale informs Deruth of the Northern Alliance and their navy [82].

Four days later, Mueller begins working under Violan’s supervision for the Henituse household [82]. Cale, Choi Han, On, Hong, and Raon head to the Northwest region of the Roan Kingdom at night [82].

A few days later, Cale and Choi Han meet with Odeus Flynn along with Taylor and Cage and gain Odeus’s cooperation for their plan to take down Venion Stan [83, 84].  

Two days later, Taylor makes a proclamation to his siblings that he won’t kill any of them [84]. Beacrox arrives in the city at night and learns of Raon’s existence [85].

One day later, Venion and his two lackeys enter the back alley and Venion is kidnapped by Raon [84, 85]. Raon tells Beacrox his story, Beacrox prepares a feast, and Raon eats while Beacrox tortures Venion [85, 86]. Cage takes the two lackeys and they reveal Venion’s relation to the Stan territory’s underworld [86]. (Note: Raon mentions that he couldn’t imagine the food he’s eating now half a year ago, suggesting that it may be October [86].)

Two days later, Cage tells Cale about Venion’s secret base with information she used curses to extract from Venion’s lackeys [87].  

Four days later, Cale places Venion in his secret base and makes the four days worth of torture seem like a dream [85, 87]. As Venion tries to escape, Taylor and many people from the Stan estate catch him at his base and the knights arrest him [87]. At night, Taylor and Cage meet with Cale to tell him about the results of their work to root out Marquis Stan and his people [87].

One day later, Cale reminds Odeus to take care of the torture chamber basement properly [88].

A few days later, Cale’s group passes by Ten Finger Mountains and Cale tells them that they’ll visit there in a year because the Fire of Destruction will appear [88].

Some days later, Cale meets Alberu and deduces that Alberu is a quarter Dark Elf [88]. Alberu signs a contract with Cale and Cale keeps Alberu’s identity a secret, gives him a bottle of a dragon’s dead mana, and promises to give him a portion of the Magic Tower blueprints in the future [89].

Ron’s Arm, Whales Against Mermaids, and The Battle of Hais Island 5 in the Ocean[edit | edit source]

A few days later, Cale returns home to the Henituse estate and learns that Ron had returned poisoned and with his arm cut off by Redika [89, 90]. Cale and the others learn the secret organization’s name (Arm) [90].

A few days later, Cale arrives in the naval base in Ubarr territory [91]. Cale shares part of the plan, which is to head to Hais Island 12 to destroy Hais Island 5, the location of Arm’s base [91]. Afterwards, Cale uses a conch to call for the Whales [91].

Two days later, Paseton, Archie, and another Killer Whale appear after leaving a battle against the mermaids and the people on Hais Island 5 [92]. Rosalyn helps Cale pull off a scam for the first time [92]. Archie becomes a living taxi [92]. Cale tells Witira his plan [92]. Witira distracts and lures Arm away with the other Whales and whales, allowing Choi Han, Cale, the Cats, and Rosalyn to sneak onto Hais Island 5 and plant ten magic bombs throughout the island [94]. Choi Han cuts Redika’s eye [94]. Raon blows up the entire Hais Island 5 and the Whales attack the survivors [94, 95]. Choi Han, Rosalyn, and the Wolf children fight as The Secret Organization and Redika dies while Hannah and the magic spearman escapes [95, 96]. Raon places a mana tracker in the magic spearman’s body [96]. While Archie brings Cale back to Hais Island 1 where Ron is, the Whales chase the mermaids back to their territory in the south [96]. Cale heals Ron with mermaid blood [97].

Slacking and The City of Death in the Land of Death[edit | edit source]

(Cale slacks for exactly one month [97]. During this time, Cale gets paler, eats less, and sleeps more, especially after Cale moves to Harris Village and away from Count Deruth [97]. Hans learns about On, Hong, and Raon [97]. Choi Han trains the Wolves and Hilsman in the Forest of Darkness [97]. Alberu continues to gather mages and strengthen his troops [97]. The day before the month is over, Raon checks to see if Cale is cursed or poisoned and comes to the conclusion that Cale is sick [97].)  

One month later, Alberu calls Cale for a favor as Alberu prepares to go to the Mogoru Empire’s 150 year anniversary of the Church of the Sun God and 500 year anniversary of the Alchemists’ Bell Tower which Imperial Prince Adin invites him to [97, 98]. Alberu asks Cale to retrieve a one-time use bracelet capable of fooling the Sun God Twins there and made by Necromancer Mary (25) from the Dark Elf Village in the Land of Death known as the City of Death [98, 101]. Cale agrees to do it in exchange for paid travel expenses and compensation [98]. Cale asks Cage to come with him to the Land of Death [98].

Two days later, Cale takes everyone with him from Harris Village [98].

Some days later, Cale arrives in a village near Huiss [99]. Cale meets Tasha (290), Alberu’s aunt [99].

Two days later, Cage arrives and Cale introduces her to Tasha [99]. Cale leaves for Caro Kingdom [99]. Alberu gives Cale a new golden plaque [99].

A few days later, Cale arrives in the Dubori territory of Caro Kingdom where people try to escape to the Land of Death because of extremely high tax rates [99]. After getting past the guards, Tasha guides them to the City of Death in the Land of Death [99]. Tasha and Shawn (290) bring Cale to the innkeeper (70+) who welcomes his first guests [100]. Cale is the first visitor of the City of Death [100]. Tasha and Shawn bring Cale and Choi Han to Obante (521), the mayor of the City of Death [100]. Raon reveals himself to Obante, Tasha, and Shawn [101]. Obante tells Cale about the bracelet and the dead mana rising [101]. Mary mentions her desire to leave the city to experience the outside world and shows Raon the black spiderwebs on her arm when he asks her why she cannot [101, 102].

One day later, Mary finishes the bracelet for Alberu [101].

Two days later, dead mana rises from the desert for three days [101]. Cale asks Mary to make Ron a new arm [103]. In exchange, Cale gives Mary a place to stay for six months and a dragon’s dead mana to protect herself when she travels in the six months afterwards [103].

A few days later, Cale leaves with Mary and Cage blesses the bracelet until they reach Huiss [103].

A few days later, Cale arrives back in the village near Huiss, where Alberu is waiting for him in a hurry because Toonka had become the commander-in-chief of the Whipper Kingdom and was going to the Mogoru Empire with the other kingdom leaders Imperial Prince Adin had invited [103].

More Slacking, The Sun God Twins Incident, and The Festival in Rain City[edit | edit source]

A few days later, Cale arrives in Harris Village where he begins to slack [103].

(Cale slacks for over a month [103]. Sometime in this month, the Pope is killed and the temple is destroyed in a manner similar to the Plaza Terror Incident at the start of the Church of the Sun God’s festival in the Mogoru Empire [105].)  

Over a month later, Cale listens to a message Alberu left him the night before [103]. Alberu asks Cale why Cale was being called friend by Toonka, the hero of the Jungle by Litana, and being asked about by the Breck Kingdom’s Prince Pen (18) [103]. Alberu also tells Cale that the Church of the Sun God’s Holy Maiden and Saint has killed the Pope and disappeared [103]. Witira sends Cale a message that the ocean is now peaceful [103]. Cale tells Rosalyn that her brother Pen is coming to visit and that the northern kingdoms have formed an alliance [104]. Raon and Mary finds 200+ monster corpses in the Forest of Darkness and begin preparing the Flying Skeletons Brigade with the bones [104, 108]. Cale calls Alberu to confirm that Cale knows about the Northern Alliance [104].

A few days later, Cale goes back home in time for the festival in Rain City [104]. Basen gets Cale to present the awards for the competitions [105]. Alberu calls Cale, telling him more about the Pope’s murder and terror incident in the Mogoru Empire [105]. Cale informs Alberu that Redika is dead [105].

One day later, Alberu and Prince Pen leave the Mogoru Empire [105]. Cale teaches Raon about money and gives the kids and Mary an allowance [105]. Cale scouts the hidden experts in the art competitions of the festival and visits Violan’s and Lily’s teacher in the sword, Edro (70+) [106]. Cale also meets Assassin Freesia (40+) and Ron talks to her about working for them [106].

A few days later, the festival ends [106]. Freesia begins working for Cale and Freesia also begins to contact her friends who are also on the run to form an information brigade for Cale [106].

Three weeks later, Prince Pen arrives, insults Cale and his house, and gets dragged into the training grounds by Rosalyn for a chat [106, 107]. Cale encourages Rosalyn to visit her family as a mage when Rosalyn wonders if she should go back, having already destroyed a palace and renounced her claim to the throne [107].

One week later, Rosalyn leaves with Pen for the Breck Kingdom [107].

Year 782 of the Felix Calendar[edit | edit source]

On January 1, Cale turns 19 and everyone turns a year older with him [107].

(Note: Winter and spring passes by in peace [107].  

Around this time of year, the baby Fire Elemental is born near the World Tree [173].)  

A few months later, in late spring, Mary (26) restores all 72 flying monster corpses, completing the Flying Skeletons Brigade [108]. Count Deruth nearly finishes preparing for the Northern Alliance’s invasion, Rosalyn (23) nearly finishes forming the Breck and Roan Kingdoms Alliance, Mueller (31) nearly finishes Cale’s ship, and Mary returns 300 skeletons to Cale [108]. Venion Stan is in prison and Marquis Stan loses his subordinate households one by one to Taylor Stan [108]. (Note: [108] says that Cale had stayed in Harris Village for about 9 months. Since it is late spring (~June) now, Rain City’s festival probably ended around October.)

The Fire of Destruction and The Battle of the Elf Village Near Ten Finger Mountains[edit | edit source]

Some days later, Cale uses his gold plaque and Odeus Flynn (61) prepares two hundred thousand silver coins within one hour for Cale [108]. Cale leaves the Stan territory [108].

Some days later, Cale reaches Bloke Village, a village a few days from the Ten Finger Mountains [108]. At the inn there, Pendrick and Guardian Knight Jeet meet Cale upon sensing Raon (5) [109].

A few days later, Cale climbs the third peak of the Ten Finger Mountains with Raon to retrieve Fire of Destruction, which he gets after throwing 200,000 silver coins into lava [109]. Fire of Destruction tells Cale about Super Rock [110]. Raon senses the magic spearman and Pendrick finds them and asks them for help against Arm who is trying to steal their Elf Village’s World Tree branch [111]. Cale, Choi Han, Ron, Beacrox (who fights with eight gloves), On (11), Hong (7), Lock (14), and Raon fight with ~200 Elves against the magic spearman, a tamer, a swordsman named Balbud, an assassin named Number 1, hundreds of Arm soldiers, and 300 tamed animals [112]. Cale tests out Fire of Destruction’s full strength, bleeds as he orders others to defeat the leftover enemies, and gets Ron to collect the dead mana with his left arm to later sell to Alberu (24) [113, 116]. As Raon reveals himself to the Elves and blows up bodies in anger, Cale faints for three days [113]. Other than the magic spearman whose legs are paralyzed and the tamer who loses his eyes, all Arm members are either imprisoned or dead [114].

Three days later, Cale wakes up near the Elf Village’s World Tree branch [114]. Chief Canaria of the Elf Village informs Cale that Arm is looking for the World Tree and that Pendrick is going to Eruhaben (~1000) to ask the Dragon for help in increasing the World Tree’s defenses [114]. Cale calls Alberu and decides to give Balbud, the captured Arm swordsman, to Alberu to interrogate [116].  

One day later, Chief Canaria gives Cale an ancient book about Fire of Destruction and Super Rock [117].  

War Preparations and The Destruction of the Magic Tower[edit | edit source]

A few days later, Rosalyn rejoins Cale in Bloke Village after becoming the Captain of the Breck and Roan Kingdoms’ Mage Alliance [117].

A few days later, after Cale delivers Balbud to Tasha (291), Cale observes the secret building where the Mage Brigade train and develop magic devices for the Roan Kingdom [118].

A few days later, Cale arrives in Ubarr territory and sees his golden Henituse ship [118]. Because of the mermaids, the Whales end up getting involved with the Eastern continent and the Whales find out that Arm has taken full control of the Eastern continent’s underworld [118, 119]. Witira informs Cale that Arm’s First Battle Brigade is moving to the Western continent in the winter and asks Cale for a favor for the homeless Tigers which had been nearly killed off by Arm [118].

A few days later, Cale arrives at the Magic Tower almost a year after he had bought the tower [119]. At night, the Cats and Raon place some traps and the research documents back into the Magic Tower’s basement while Cale and Choi Han join the pre-destruction celebration [120].

One day later, Cale and Raon destroy the Magic Tower [120]. Cale discovers that Choi Han cannot act so instead Beacrox and Rosalyn help him scam the Whipper Kingdom’s non-mage faction into buying destroyed fake documents for five billion gallons (Note: Cale has already sold the actual documents to the prince) [120, 121]. Toonka approves of and respects a weakling (Cale) for the first time in his life [121, 122]. The children get 1 gold each for their help [122].

One day later, Cale tells Toonka that the Empire has a mole in his army [122].

Meeting Eruhaben, the Sun God Twins, and Super Rock[edit | edit source]

Some days later, Cale and Raon meet Eruhaben at his lair on Mount Yellia [123]. Pendrick reports what happened to his Elf Village [123]. Eruhaben tells Cale of the fate of humans who have multiple ancient powers [124]. Eruhaben speculates that Cale is a Dragon Slayer [124]. Eruhaben begins to teach Raon [124].

One day later, Cale temporarily leaves to visit Litana [125].

A few days later, Cale meets the Sun God Twins, Jack and Hannah, in the Path of No Return [126]. Cale sends Beacrox back to Mount Yellia to ask Rosalyn to relay a message to Toonka and Alberu about the Empire making dead mana bombs [126]. Cale learns about what happened to Jack and Hannah and about Arm working with both the Northern Alliance and the Empire [128]. Cale offers to save Hannah and to give her a chance at revenge [129].

One day later, Litana tells Cale of her plans to go to war against the Empire and hands over the deed for half of Section 1’s shoreline to Cale [129]. Cale gives Hannah a video communication device [129].

A few days later, Cale arrives back to Eruhaben’s lair on Mount Yellia [129]. Cale explains everything to Alberu and Alberu begins to contact Litana and Toonka for an alliance [130]. Cale reads the ancient book from Canaria and leaves with Raon and Eruhaben to get Super Rock [130].

A few days later, Cale heads into the Forest of Darkness with the Dragons and Hilsman [130]. Cale’s ancient powers lead him to Super Rock [131]. Cale gains Super Rock and the Super Rock Villa [132, 166]. Eruhaben begins to investigate the stone pillar seal and installs a teleportation portal connecting the villa to his lair [133]. Cale’s group stays in the Super Rock Villa to train after Cale gives a pep talk [133].

Two days later, Cale begins to regret his pep talk upon seeing how hard everyone was training [133].

More War Preparations and Training, Healing Hannah, and the Formation of a New Alliance  [edit | edit source]

Some days later, Toonka tells Cale over a video communication device about how Toonka had to behead Hota, his former right-hand man who was the Empire’s spy [134]. (Note: Toonka beheads him the night before this day and Chief Harol had discovered that Hota was the traitor a week before [134].) Later, Tasha and Mary arrive at the Super Rock Villa and Tasha meets Eruhaben [135]. Cale asks Eruhaben to help heal Mary of her pain [135].

Some days later, Cale, Tasha, Mary, the dragons, and Ron arrive at Section 1 of the Jungle [135].

Some days later, Cale’s group arrive in Section 7 of the Jungle where the Palace of the King is [135]. When Hannah is reaching her limit and entering the intermediate stages of dead mana poisoning, Mary fuses Hannah’s aura with the dead mana and heals Hannah [136]. Jack learns to suppress his instincts and resolves to create a world where people with the darkness attribute are still seen as good people [137]. Jack tells Cale’s group about the human experiments of the Alchemists’ Bell Tower [138].

Some days later, Cale brings Jack and Hannah with him to the Super Rock Villa [138].

Some weeks later, Rosalyn leaves to go back to the Breck Kingdom [139].

Two weeks later and it is the middle of summer [138]. Raon is depressed because he is not reaching his first growth phase despite having learned everything from Eruhaben in a third of the expected three months' time [138]. Cale and Alberu confirm their plans to meet with the other kingdoms in Section 1 of the Jungle over the video communication device [139]. Cale comforts Raon and tells him that it is ok to run from strong enemies because he can win by surviving and getting revenge in the future [139]. Eruhaben joins Cale as his guardian knight to the meeting in Section 1 [139].

Some days later,  Cale and Alberu teleport to the Jungle after entering a ship in Ubarr’s Naval Base [139]. Queen Litana of the Jungle, First Prince John of Breck Kingdom, Crown Prince Alberu and Cale of Roan Kingdom, Chief Harol of the Whipper Kingdom, and future Whale Queen Witira among some others gather to discuss their plans against Arm, the Empire, and the Northern Alliance [140].  

One day later, the overnight meeting ends at dawn after everyone makes a vow of death [141].  

Helping Toonka at Maple Castle  [edit | edit source]

Some days later, in fall, Cale, who had been getting daily reports about the progress of the Whipper Kingdom’s war against the Empire, gets a report from Toonka that they had captured Maple Castle but cannot enter because of a pillar of fire [141]. Cale, Cage, Jack, Rosalyn, and Choi Han disguise as priests and teleport there to help heal the Whipper Kingdom soldiers [142].  

One day later, Cale, Rosalyn, and Choi Han disguise as Arm, loot the dead mana bomb and pillar of fire liquid inside Maple Castle, and put out the pillar of fire outside [145]. The Whipper Kingdom fully takes over and occupies Maple Castle [145].

Two days later, Cale’s group leave Maple Castle [145].

The Battle Against Arm’s First Battle Brigade and the Relocation of Tigers[edit | edit source]

(Note: Sometime in October, the Paerun Kingdom’s wyvern tamers begin to observe the Whales at least once a week, causing  Witira  to need to move the Whale tribe to the Battle against Arm’s First Battle Brigade stealthily [168].)  

Some days later, in mid-November and the beginning of winter, Cale’s group meets with the Whales and Tigers on Hais Island 9 to plan the Battle against Arm’s First Battle Brigade which is led by Opid and Greetel [145, 146, 149, 151].

Five days later, Cale’s group create a storm and place whirlpools in the ocean, forcing Arm to land at different Hais islands where they ambush them [148].

One day later, Cale’s group wins the Battle against Arm’s First Battle Brigade and Cale takes Arm’s remaining ships [150]. Cale accepts the Tiger tribe into Harris Village [150]. Alberu calls Cale and tells him to go to the Mogoru Empire with him [150].

Some days later, Cale gets Count Deruth’s permission to give Harris Village to the Tiger tribe [151]. Cale meets with Billos and asks Billos to come to the Empire with him, find an alchemist, and buy a lot of alchemy ingredients [151]. Cale meets with the rest of his family and asks Violan to move Mueller to Harris Village [152]. Cale asks Freesia to find information on Duke Gyerre and the Southwest Territory [152].

(In the time before meeting Alberu at Huiss, Cale learns the basics of the Empire’s language and memorizes all of the swear words [157]. The soldiers and knights in Harris Village all return to Henituse Castle in Rain City to train under the Knight Captain and the Tiger tribe settle in Harris Village [166]. Count Deruth focuses on building up his army, filling the warehouses with food, and reinforcing the castle walls and territory’s lands [192].)  

The Looting of the Church of the Sun God and The Sun Palace Bomb Incident in Mogoru Empire  [edit | edit source]

Some days later, in the beginning of December, Cale meets with Alberu and Daltaro, a diplomat, at Huiss [151, 153]. A child with a shield replica admires Cale as the envoy openly enter into the teleportation portal [153]. The group then arrive at the Gyerre territory where Duchess Sonata Gyerre (79) and her only grandson and heir, Antonio Gyerre, greet Alberu and Cale [153]. The envoy stays in the Gyerre castle for the rest of the day [153].

A few days later, Cale arrives at the capital of the Mogoru Empire and meets Imperial Prince Adin [153]. Cale meets with Billos and then, disguised as a priest, meets with Rei Stecker to hire him as an alchemist for his plan to destroy the Alchemists’ Bell Tower [155].  

One day later, Alberu and Cale begin their investigation of the Church of the Sun God to officially find traces of the culprits behind the terror incidents and to secretly find the Condemnation of the Sun and hidden treasures of the church [156]. At night, Cale sneaks out, finds the God of Death’s divine item How to Die Peacefully and the Church of the Sun God’s past Holy Maiden’s journal, and leaves evidence of Arm near the tower [157, 158]. Using Rei, Cale begins to spread rumors to shake the Empire [158].

One day later, the Empire orders the Roan Kingdom’s investigation team to halt their investigations for three days [158]. Cale and Raon find information on the Sun God’s divine item in the library [158].

Four days later, Dark Elf Ben, a member of the Roan Kingdom’s investigation team, confirms that the library and the entrance to the secret room is safe to investigate [159].

One day later, on the last day of the investigation, Cale, Raon, and Kora, another Dark Elf investigator, enters the underground area of the secret room in the library of the Church of the Sun God [159]. Cale finds the former Pope’s hidden treasure and nine coffins of the true holy people of the Church of the Sun God who were murdered over the last hundreds of years [159]. At the end of the year celebration in the Sun Palace, Cale meets Duke Huten (60+) and the Alchemists’ Bell Tower’s Vice Tower Master Metelona (50+) [160]. Rex (25) attempts to assassinate Metelona and to destroy one of the towers of the Sun Palace with alchemy bombs [161]. Cale and Raon save the Roan Kingdom’s envoy and Empire’s citizens in the Sun Palace and no one dies in The Sun Palace Bomb Incident [163]. Cale plans to make Rex the hero of the future rebellion and gets Choi Han to help hide Rex in Billos’s secret residence and Rex’s organization in secret areas inside the slums [163, 164].

One day later, Cale wakes up and tells Alberu his plans to use Rex [164]. Cale gets Billos to send Mogoru Empire’s Singten Merchant Guild Leader (Plavin Singten) and Caro Kingdom’s Church of the Sun God’s Bishop invitations to the February VIP auction of Caro Kingdom’s secret auction house [164, 187]. Billos gives Cale the alchemy ingredients for Eruhaben and Raon to make Dragon’s Rage, the improved version of the pillar of fire [164].

A few days later, Cale receives a third-grade Mogoru Medal of Honor from the Emperor in the plaza outside Mogoru Empire’s Royal Palace [164]. At the ceremony, Cale subtly reminds the people of the Church of the Sun God’s teachings [165]. Cale finalizes plans with Rei and Rex and tells them that he will return within a year to destroy the Alchemists’ Bell Tower [165]. Rex begins to study to become the future Emperor [165].

One day later, the Roan Kingdom envoy leaves the Mogoru Empire [165]. Cale begins to slack off in the Henituse Castle [165].

Year 783 of the Felix Calendar[edit | edit source]

Some days later, in the beginning of the new year, Cale (20) and Raon (6) arrive in the Super Rock Villa [165, 166]. Cale shows Cage and Jack the divine items [166]. Cage tells Cale about the God of Death’s teachings and that the divine item asks if they are curious about the method to kill death [167]. Jack tells Cale that the word ‘condemnation’ is etched into the Condemnation of the Sun [167]. While Cage keeps her divine item, Cale holds onto Jack’s [167].

Meeting Whales in Whale Village and the World Tree in the Lake of Despair  [edit | edit source]

(Sometime before Witira picks Cale’s group up, Witira destroys a small glacier and scares away the Paerun Kingdom’s wyvern tamer conducting surveillance on the Whale Village [168].)  

Some days later, in the middle of January, Witira and Paseton pick Cale’s group up from an island in the Henituse territory and take them to the Whale Village [167].  

A few days later, Cale arrives in the Whale Village and Raon catches a cold [167]. Whale King Shickler gives Cale their documented observations of the Northern Alliance ships and the sea route to the Eastern continent [168].

A few days later, Cale sneaks through Paerun Kingdom’s northern shores and heads to the Lake of Despair [168]. Cale stays in a restaurant inn nearby owned by Sully and his grandmother [169].

One day later, Hong (8) eats the poison of the poisonous snowstorm around the Lake of Despair [169]. Cale arrives in End Village and receives a bag of silver coins and a gold bar from Adite, the Elf priestess taking care of the World Tree [170, 171]. Cale talks to the World Tree and learns that Gashan hears the voice of the World Tree, Cale’s future and past before the last two years are unable to be seen by the World Tree, the White Star has collected three ancient powers, Cale should find the remaining traces of Raon’s parents, and the last owner of the Water of Judgment (to be named later as Sky Eating Water) ran away to the Eastern continent [171, 172]. As a result, the World Tree loses three branches and begins to rest for two seasons to recover [172]. Rosalyn and Raon begin to reinforce the magic barrier around the World Tree while Cale rests in End Village [172].

A few days later, Rosalyn and Raon test the finished barrier against Choi Han [172]. Baby Fire Elemental (1) admires the Fire of Destruction and escorts Cale out of End Village to the nearby human village, where the Baby Fire Elemental chooses to stay with Sully [173].

Creating Havoc and Looting the Sekka Estate in Bago City of Paerun Kingdom[edit | edit source]

A few days later, Cale and his group arrive in Bago City, the capital of Paerun Kingdom, as a group of priests and robed travelers [173]. They look around God’s Tear Lake, a legendary lake in Bago, and Cale meets Clopeh Sekka [174]. Clopeh’s men try to follow Cale, but Cale disappears, causing Clopeh to believe that Cale is a messenger of god [175]. Later, Choi Han and the Cats investigate the Sekka Estate and find Arm handing over the White Crown [175, 181].

One day later, still January, the festival begins and citizens of Paerun Kingdom begin to bring offerings to the God’s Tear Lake to pray for their year’s sorrow to be taken away [173, 175]. Cale meets the Lions for the first time [176].

A few days later, on the last day of the festival, Choi Han buries the pillar of fire in the God’s Tear Lake [176]. The children buy 10 apple pie slices for Cale [177]. At night, Cale sets the lake on fire with Fire of Destruction and the pillar of fire [177]. Raon feeds Cale apple pie for the first time [177]. As Duke Rock Sekka and his son Clopeh try to put out the fire, Cale’s group steal the God of War’s watering can and the White Crown, fight Lions Gronica and Second Prince Edrich of Arm, and destroy the Sekka Estate [178-181].

One day later, Clopeh’s subordinate finds a message left by Cale [181]. Clopeh reads about the God of War’s promise to make the lake eventually flow to become a river and kills the subordinate to keep the message a secret [181].

The End of Human Trafficking in the Gyerre Territory[edit | edit source]

Some days later, Cale arrives in the Gyerre Territory of Roan Kingdom and meets with Ron, Freesia, and Hilsman [181]. They discuss on how Baron Chryshi, vassal of Duchess Gyerre, was committing human trafficking in the Gyerre Territory, kidnapping and selling Roan Kingdom citizens to the Empire [182]. Cale stays in the Gyerre Estate [182].

One day later, Cale drinks and eats at a bar from morning to sunset before destroying the houses of the human traffickers [183]. Antonio Gyerre takes care of the aftermath, rescues all the captives, and storms Baron Chryshi’s estate [184]. Under Cale’s request, Antonio begins to properly do his duty of guarding the southwest region’s gate [184]. Antonio also begins to investigate the Empire [185]. At night, Cale reports everything to Alberu, telling Alberu to use the Gyerre household as he wished [185]. Also, at night, Cale gets a nightmare when the children begin to talk about traveling around the world [185].

One day later, Cale and Billos head over to the Caro Kingdom [185]. The Gyerre household begins to temporarily cease all international activities, call back their family and vassals, and let go of their power in the central region of Roan Kingdom [186].

Cale Earns 55 Billion Counds in Vegas City and Goes Shopping for His Family[edit | edit source]

Some days later, Cale, Mary (25), and Tasha (292) arrive in Vegas City of the Caro Kingdom [186]. Cale increases the allowance of the kids to 20 silver coins [186]. Upon Cale’s request, Mary examines Night’s Exultation, a jewel said to have been in the last necromancer’s heart and finds nothing special about it [190]. At night, Ron leaves an invitation to a seat number for the VIP auction in the residence of Singten Merchant Guild Leader, Plavin Singten (50+) [187, 188].

One day later, in February, the Golden Tree Casino’s secret VIP auction with the theme of ‘Beast people’ begins [188, 189]. Cale gives Plavin an empty magic bag to fill with 30 billion counds for the Determination of Fire [189].

One day later, Cale takes the kids shopping expecting to buy toys and Cale ends up buying a lot of expensive weapons, magic devices, armors, and martial arts uniforms for his family [190].

One day later, on the last day of the auction, Cale follows the sound advice of his former team leader Lee Soo Hyuk and gets the Bishop of Caro Kingdom’s Church of the Sun God (30+) to pay 23 billion counds for Night’s Exultation [191, 306]. Billos buys the Wolf King’s diary at the auction for Cale [191, 192]. Alberu tells Cale that the Paerun Kingdom’s knights are moving into Norland Kingdom and Cale tells Alberu about the Wyvern Knights Brigade [192]. Cale asks Alberu to give him the authority to command the Northeast region’s military, a Knights Brigade, and a Mage Brigade [192].

One day later, Cale leaves Vegas City [192].

Final War Preparations and The Northern Alliance’s Declaration of War  [edit | edit source]

Some days later, Cale brings Mary back to Harris Village to practice controlling the bones of a dead dragon and Cale takes Choi Han, the Tigers, and Lock to the Gorge of Death [192]. Cale meets Count Ecross, Breck Kingdom’s Royal Mage’s number one disciple, and together with the Tigers and Breck Kingdom’s mages, they install magic bombs and Dragon’s Rage in the Gorge of Death at night [193].  

One day later, on February 15, immediately after they finish installing magic bombs, the Northern Indomitable Alliance, announces their declaration of war to conquer unfrozen lands [193]. Cale orders all of Roan Kingdom’s Northeast region nobles to gather together [193]. Other kingdoms, principalities, and free cities announce their response to the declaration of war [194]. Lock stays at the Gorge of Death to observe and protect it until Cale’s return [194]. Cale gives Lock the final Wolf King’s diary [194].  

Some days later, Cale receives the silver plaque of the Roan Kingdom [195]. While he is in the gathering of Northeastern nobles, King Zed Crossman (51) passes over all duties to Crown Prince Alberu (25) and announces his intent to make Alberu king in the next year [195]. Alberu reveals the existence of the Wyvern Knights Brigade and announces that the Roan Kingdom will prevail against the Northern Alliance [195]. Cale announces that he is the Military Commander of the northeast region [195]. Cale returns to the Henituse Castle in Rain City and sets up a shield around the entire city [196]. In this time, many citizens come to Rain City to show their support for their lord [196]. Under his command, Eric Wheelsman and Viscountess Popelina Ubarr create detailed military guidelines to send to the Northeast territories [196, 202].

The Battle of Henituse Castle[edit | edit source]

Three days later, the Battle of Henituse Castle between Clopeh Sekka and Cale Henituse begins [196]. In the battle, Mary’s existence as a necromancer, Choi Han’s existence as a sword master, the presence of Tigers in the Henituse territory, and the strong defenses of the Henituse Castle are revealed [197]. With the sword Cale gives Choi Han and the Bone Dragon Mary controls, Choi Han defeats Clopeh Sekka [197, 198]. Vitality of Heart and Indestructible Shield fuses together [201]. Although fake Dragon Slayer Syrem survives and teleports away, Raon places a mana tracker in him [200]. In their victory, the saying ‘the shield will not break’ becomes popularized in Roan Kingdom [200, 215]. To protect Mary, the Henituse territory begins to ignore all communications from temples [197]. Ships of the Northern Alliance sail through the northeastern ocean towards Roan Kingdom [200]. While Count Deruth and Basen deal with communications with the other nobles in the aftermath, Cale eats tear-soaked apple pies and interrogates Clopeh Sekka [201]. Cale’s group, the First Royal Knights Brigade, the Mage Brigade, and the Northeast nobles of Roan Kingdom gather in Ubarr territory [202].  

Operation Ghost[edit | edit source]

One day later, Operation Ghost, the battle between the Northern Alliance’s 300 ships and the Roan Kingdom’s navy, begins on the Roan Kingdom’s northeastern shoreline at night [202]. Raon, On, and Hong spread a poisonous fog while Cale creates whirlpools and tornados, obliterating many ships and men [204]. Syrem, the healer, the magic spearman, and the mage of Arm are captured [204, 205]. When the Northern Alliance’s remaining ships escape the whirlpools and fog, they are attacked and defeated by the Roan Kingdom fleet [204]. While Operation Ghost occurs, Witira takes the Whales north to prepare to destroy the Paerun Kingdom’s shores [203].

One day later, dawn breaks and Operation Ghost succeeds with no survivors from the Northern Alliance [206]. The magic spearman is given to Hannah [205]. Mary remakes Clopeh’s legs and arms and leaves dead mana bombs inside the new limbs [206, 208]. As Mary talks to Clopeh, Clopeh’s misunderstanding of Cale grows [208]. The Northern Alliance’s second fleet heads for the Caro Kingdom’s shores [207]. The Grand Nobles’ Meeting of the Roan Kingdom consider giving Cale a first-grade medal of honor [207]. Cale and Alberu discuss over the video communication device about using the future battle between the Northern Alliance and Caro Kingdom to promote the acceptance of Dark Elves [207].

Clopeh and the Paerun Kingdom Become Allies[edit | edit source]

Some days later, a few days after the Battle of Henituse Castle, Cale along with the Whales attack and destroy Paerun Kingdom’s coastal patrol stations [208]. Clopeh Sekka convinces his father Duke Sekka to follow Cale and Cale gives Duke Sekka a week to fulfill Cale’s conditions for a deal that will enable Paerun Kingdom to remain the strongest nation in the North after the war [209]. Alberu calls Cale, telling him that the Roan Kingdom nobles want to see Mary and Choi Han and hear his opinon about Caro Kingdom’s request for reinforcements [210].

The Grand Nobles Meeting and The Battle of Castle Leona[edit | edit source]

One day later, the nobles formally request Military Commander Cale’s presence at the Grand Nobles Meeting in Huiss [210]. In the Grand Nobles Meeting, the northeast, southwest, and northwest regions formally show their support for Cale for the first time and most nobles vote to send reinforcements to Caro Kingdom [211, 212]. A child with a shield replica cheers at being able to see Cale’s group leave for Caro Kingdom [212]. In Caro Kingdom, Cale meets Imperial Prince Adin who leaves after scoping out Choi Han [213]. At night, Caro Kingdom has a military meeting between Cale, Caro Kingdom’s Crown Prince Valentino, Mogoru Empire’s Duke Huten, Caro Kingdom’s commander, and Caro Kingdom’s Church of the Sun God’s bishop regarding the Battle of Castle Leona [213].

One day later, the Roan Kingdom’s forces arrive at Castle Leona and begin to bury countless wyvern skeletons into the ground in front of the southern tower they are to defend [215].  

One day later, the Battle of Castle Leona between the Northern Alliance’s 500-600 ships and the temporarily allied forces of the Caro Kingdom, Mogoru Empire, and Roan Kingdom begins [214]. In the battle, at least 100 ships of the Northern Alliance attempt to crash into Castle Leona and, with dead mana bombs, turn the land into a dead mana zone to stall the majority of Caro Kingdom’s forces while they attack the populated northern shores of Caro Kingdom [216]. 100 Dark Elves and Mary, however, begin purifying the land and Cale, Raon, Choi Han, and Mary’s bone wyverns stop the ships from departing with a shield, whirlpools, and many frontal attacks [217-219]. Cale’s group fight against the Dragon half-blood (900+) and Magic Brigade from Arm [220, 222]. Although the Dragon half-blood escapes with teleportation magic, Raon leaves a mana tracker in him [222]. The Battle of Castle Leona ends at night with Caro Kingdom’s victory and the Dark Elves begin to fully purify the dead mana zone [223]. Meanwhile, Cage gets a bad feeling from the God of Death and scans the Forest of Darkness with Hannah for enemies [224]. When they return to the Super Rock Villa, Cage finds that 1/5 of the chains around the stone pillar have exploded [224, 226]. Putting a temporary seal around the chains, Cage messages Cale about the incident [224].

One day later, Cage and Cale talk more about the stone pillar and decide to do nothing for now [223]. Eruhaben calls and they exchange information about the Dragon half-blood, Arm stealing the Elf Village’s World Tree branch a few days ago, and Arm destroying Eruhaben’s lair while he was out [224]. Eruhaben and Pendrick teleport to Cale’s location and Pendrick, disguised as a priest, and Mary heal the common soldiers which the Church of the Sun God refuses to treat [225, 226]. Over lunch, Cale informs Valentino about the Empire’s secret alliance with the Northern Alliance and their dead mana bomb creations [225]. At night, Alberu tells Cale about his evaluation of Valentino over the video communication device [226].

One day later, the reinforcements from Mogoru Empire and Roan Kingdom leave [226]. There is a large celebration parade for Choi Han, Mary, Tasha, and the others who has achieved victory for Caro Kingdom in Huiss [226]. Instead of going, Cale eats with his family in the Henituse Castle [226]. Eruhaben destroys the stone pillar seal and they find remnants of Super Rock’s battle against hundreds of monsters inside the incomplete path [227]. Eruhaben follows the path to the Eastern Continent [227]. Raon begins to learn Eastern continent languages [227]. Meanwhile, after the parade, three nobles from the central faction try to recruit Mary and Mary causes them to faint [233]. During the celebration, Marquis Ailan’s successor challenges Choi Han to a fight and Choi Han destroys the palace’s training ground while defeating him [233].

Creating a Base in the Eastern Continent  [edit | edit source]

A few days later, Eruhaben returns and Cale’s group goes to the Eastern continent using the teleportation magic circle Eruhaben created [227]. Eruhaben uses language translation magic on Cale’s group [227]. Cale’s group finds five bandits from the Indomitable Bandits group trying to sculpt the Eastern continent stone pillar on Mount Leeb into their boss’s image [228]. Cale takes over the Indomitable Bandits and makes Ron the boss of the former bandit leader named Indomitable Ruler [229]. All of the bandits undergo mental conversion for three days and become scared of dust and of committing evil [230, 231].  

Three days later, Cale’s group begins to remodel a former casino in Leeb-An City into the Hope and Adventure Loving Inn with the help of the bandits [230, 231]. Clopeh calls Cale and offers more information on the Northern Alliance’s plans and his plans to invade the palaces of Askosan and Norland Kingdoms [232]. Cale goes back to the Western continent while Eruhaben leaves to find Olienne [232, 251]. Cale speaks to Rosalyn in Alberu’s new office about the incoming Battle of the Gorge of Death [232]. Alberu gives Cale an estimate sheet of the damages done by Choi Han and Mary in the palace [233]. Cale and Raon leave for half a day to go to End Village to help Eruhaben strengthen the World Tree’s defenses [233]. The World Tree tells Cale that nature has accepted Raon’s existence and gives Cale a hint about the identity of Raon’s parents [233].

The Battle of the Gorge of Death, Sky Eating Water, and the End of the Northern Alliance[edit | edit source]

One day later, Cale meets Rosalyn and Lock at the Gorge of Death [233]. The Roan Kingdom’s forces also arrive [234]. Over dinner, Lock tells Cale about how he couldn’t go berserk anymore and Cale comforts Lock, telling him it was okay to be protected [235]. Cale also comforts Raon, telling Raon that he would save him even if Raon was weak [235].

One day later, early in the morning, the Battle of the Gorge of Death between the Northern Alliance and the Breck-Roan alliance begins [232]. Raon undergoes his first growth phase [236]. 1,000 Bears and Flame Dwarves fight to stall time so that their magic bombs can destroy the Gorge of Death and form a bridge connecting the north and the south [237]. While Cale, Choi Han, the Tigers, the Whales, Rosalyn, and half their mages attack the Northern Alliance and block them from approaching their side, the others of the Breck-Roan alliance temporarily retreat outside of the explosion’s range [238, 239]. As the Gorge of Death is destroyed, the Dragon’s Rage blocks the Northern Alliance’s path towards them [240]. The airborne battle continues with heavy losses on the Bears’ side, causing Sayeru to ask the Dragon half-blood to come [242]. Cale uses almost all of Dominating Water to enable the Whales to go berserk and defeat the Dragon half-blood with Choi Han [243, 244]. The Dragon half-blood goes berserk [246]. Lock goes berserk and his fur becomes silver-blue [246]. Cale uses Super Rock’s power for the first time, destroying the hundreds of thunderbolts with hundreds of stone spears [246]. While the Paerun Kingdom’s knights betray and fight the Northern Alliance, Cale’s group defeats the Dragon half-blood [246]. Rosalyn leads the Breck-Roan Kingdom forces to destroy the rest of their enemies and Cale gives the Dragon half-blood a choice and uses the White Crown to extend his life for a week [248]. Witira guards the chained Dragon half-blood for Cale [248]. The Northern Alliance retreats [248]. Alberu appears and brings Clopeh [248]. Using the coordinates of residences near the Askosan and Norland palaces that Clopeh had prepared, Rosalyn, Choi Han, Lock, and Archie go to destroy the palaces and return with letters of surrender from the kings [248, 249]. Eruhaben appears and tells Cale that Olienne is dead and that Cale needs to find a water ancient power within three days to live [250]. Before they leave for the Eastern continent, Cale reveals Eruhaben and Raon and his situation to Alberu [251]. Eruhaben takes Cale to Olienne’s lair where they find hints about the Water of Judgment in Olienne’s journal [252]. Cale drops by the Hope and Adventure Loving Inn to tell Ron about his situation [253].

One day later, Eruhaben, Cale, Raon, and Beacrox enter the Grey Eye Forest near Leeb-An City [253]. Cale fights against the Water of Judgment residing in the Grey Eye Lake [254]. The Water of Judgment’s true self, Retrogressive Water, tells Cale the name she had chosen for herself, Sky Eating Water, and her story [255]. In his first growth phase, Raon fights his adult self while being weighed down by false duplicates of his family and friends [254]. To get out faster, Raon chooses to run away instead of fight [255]. Raon escapes the trial with his future self and present family as his plate disappears and Raon activates his attribute [255, 257]. Cale uses his ancient powers to destroy the chains, freeing Sky Eating Water who accepts Cale [256]. Cale’s nearly broken plate fuses back together and grows once he gains Sky Eating Water [256]. A few hours after they teleport back to the inn, White Star tries to find his fifth ancient power at Grey Eye Lake and leaves with nothing [257]. Meanwhile, Rosalyn’s group destroys a palace, calls Cale, and finds out about the situation from Ron [258]. Before leaving to destroy another palace and threaten the Askosan king, Rosalyn tells Ron about the Empire’s plan to take back Maple Castle from the Whipper Kingdom [258, 262]. Raon tells Cale that his attribute is the present [258].

One day later, Cale calls Hannah, Jack, and Litana, telling them that the time to get revenge on the Empire has come [259]. Alberu meets Raon and tells Cale about Caro Kingdom finding out that their churches were in contact with the Mogoru Empire and about Caro Kingdom forming an alliance with the Mogoru Empire to find an opportunity for revenge [260]. Eruhaben meets the Dragon half-blood and realizes that he is a human who ate dragon hearts [260]. The Dragon half-blood tells them about White Star, the leader of Arm and a human who has been alive for at least 900 years [261]. Choi Han gives Cale the letters of surrender they had retrieved [261].

One day later (still February), Clopeh gives a speech that shifts the common enemy of the northern kingdoms from the southern lands to the Bears, Flame Dwarves, and Arm [263]. The Northern Indomitable Alliance surrenders and the Bears and Flame Dwarves are captured, bringing an end to the war [263]. Cale and Alberu hug [264]. In Huiss, Alberu officially declares the end of the war [264]. Cale and Alberu tell the Dukes and Marquises of the Roan Kingdom their intention to fight the Mogoru Empire and the nobles decide to support them [265]. Cale gets 5 billion gallons and a golden plaque from Alberu [264, 268]. Eruhaben teleports Cage, Jack, and Hannah to the Henituse capital residence [265]. Cale meets with the Dragon half-blood who decides to live for six months after Cale tells the Dragon half-blood of his desire to be led to the Arm’s bases by him [266]. The White Crown eats the remaining dragon power within the Dragon half-blood's blood [266]. Toonka calls Cale for help and Cale calls him back informing Toonka that he’d be there soon [266, 267]. Cale takes On and Hong with him to see Rei, Billos, and Rex [267]. Cale gives Billos a golden plaque to buy all the alchemy ingredients he can find on the market and to spread rumors of the Saint Jack’s return [268]. Rei and Rex continue to gather all the hidden alchemists and Rex’s organization members [268]. Freesia, her spy network, and Pendrick join the Mogoru Empire rebellion members as priests [268]. Cale visits Litana before heading to the Eastern continent [269].

The Beginning of Real Arm  [edit | edit source]

One day later, the Hope and Adventure Loving Inn has a grand opening [269]. At night, Cale’s group destroy and loot a Mostue branch in Leeb-An City as the Real Arm [269]. Cale begins to share more information on his plans to his friends [269].

One day later, the Hope and Adventure Loving Inn opens [271]. Cale and Ron Molan register their business at the City Hall [272]. Cale’s group destroy and loot a Mercenaries Guild branch and they lead the mercenaries into the Arm branch, causing conflict between the two groups [273]. Cale’s group proceeds to loot the Mostue headquarters [274].

One day later, in early March, Adventurer Bob (20) goes on his first adventure [274, 276]. Eruhaben brings the Dragon half-blood who begins to work at the Hope and Adventure Loving Inn [275]. Cale fortifies the Fire of Destruction at Grey Eye Lake with over ten billion monies worth of counds, gold coins, and gold bars [275, 276]. Sound of Wind tells Cale to remember that she is with him when he uses a divine item in the future [276]. Fire of Destruction tells Cale his story and warns Cale of the sky attribute power [276]. Grey Eye Lake disappears [276].

The First Battle of Maple Castle[edit | edit source]

One day later, Cale meets the Bears and Flame Dwarves imprisoned in Castle Blang, the closest fortress to the Gorge of Death [277]. Flame Dwarf Chief Kanelle agrees to build weapons for Cale [278]. Meanwhile, Imperial Prince Adin declares war against Whipper Kingdom and sends a secret proposal to the Whipper Kingdom that they would accept Whipper Kingdom’s surrender if they gave the Mogoru Empire Maple Castle and 100,000 Whipper Kingdom citizens to be the Empire’s slaves for 80 years [277, 279]. Cale encourages Toonka to work against the Whipper Kingdom’s king when the king wants to accept the proposal [280]. Rosalyn and the Roan Kingdom’s Magic Brigade take a vacation and join the Whipper Kingdom as mercenaries [280].

One day later, the Whipper Kingdom’s king feigns illness to avoid giving an official response to the Mogoru Empire’s declaration of war [281]. Instead, Toonka gives a speech and inspires the soldiers to follow him and fight [281]. The First Battle of Maple Castle between Duke Huten and 100,000 troops of the Mogoru Empire and Toonka of the Whipper Kingdom and Cale’s disguised group begins [283]. In the first part of the battle, Cale creates a wall of fire around Maple Castle to force the Mogoru Empire to only be able to attack the castle through a narrow gap [287]. Cale’s group and Toonka’s forces defeat Duke Huten and his Knight Brigades, the alchemy towers, and the Lions and Duke Huten is captured as a prisoner of war [288]. Overnight, Alberu secretly spreads the news of the Mogoru Empire’s defeat throughout the Western continent [289].

One day later, the Mogoru Empire capital guards rip down all the posted news on the Empire’s defeat [289]. Cale gives Rex the Roan Kingdom’s proposal to help the Mogoru Empire in exchange for some land to create a free city that will one day have both a Magic Tower and Alchemists’ Tower within it [289, 290]. Billos brings news that Adin and Metelona are going to Maple Castle to fight [290]. Alberu calls, telling Cale that Adin was looking for him, but Cale didn’t have to go because Alberu showed Adin footage suggesting that Cale was too ill to help [291]. After finalizing some plans with Rex and Alberu, Cale informs his allies that he will be fighting on both sides in the Second Battle of Maple Castle [291]. Cale calls Adin, feigns poor health, and agrees to help the Empire [292]. Valentino, who is watching the call, hangs up [292]. Clopeh, who is watching both calls, agrees to pretend to be Cale in the battle [292].

The Second Battle of Maple Castle and The Battle of Section 7[edit | edit source]

One day later, the Whipper Kingdom forces and the Bear captives prepare to attack the Empire’s remaining forces and Lions from the First Battle of Maple Castle [293]. The Mogoru Empire arrives before the battle with the remaining Knight Brigades from the capital, the nobles and their Knight Brigades, Metelona and the alchemists, and the Tower Master’s disciple Honte [293]. The Second Battle of Maple Castle begins with the Whipper Kingdom throwing balls of Dragon’s Rage at the Empire, causing a sea of flames to appear on the battlefield [294]. Cale uses Sky Eating Water for the first time, putting the fire out for the Mogoru Empire [295]. The Mogoru Empire reveals their black golems for the first time [296]. The Golem Brigade and Clopeh’s White Skeleton Bird Brigade clash while Choi Han destroys a golem and is nearly tempted by the black despair within [298, 299]. Meanwhile, Litana sends a message to Cale that a spy told the Mogoru Empire about the Jungle’s plan to attack the Mogoru Empire and that the Mogoru Empire was attacking Section 7, the capital of the Jungle, in their absence [300]. Realizing Mary cannot purify the golems in both Maple Castle and the Jungle alone, Cale forgoes the act, chokes Adin, reveals to the entire battlefield that the Mogoru Empire was using dead mana and black magic, and calls Jack [300]. Cale destroys the golems, revealing and purifying the black despair within [302]. Adin escapes with a few others while Honte, the shell of the Tower Master’s true body, explodes and Cale protects everyone from the explosion [304, 305]. The Second Battle of Maple Castle ends with Metelona captured, Adin injured, and Cale holding proof of the Empire’s black magic [305]. Cale faints and dreams of his past as Kim Rok Soo [305, 306]. Choi Han, Mary, and Rosalyn head to the Jungle [306]. After three hours, Cale wakes up in time to hear Alberu’s plan to announce the return of black magic [306]. Cale’s group teleport to Section 8 of the Jungle and they plan a way to defeat the Mogoru Empire while protecting the Section 7 hostages [306]. Alberu and the Dark Elves arrive in Section 8 to help [307]. Alberu and Cale call each other dongsaeng and hyung for the first time [307]. Alberu leaves after experiencing the feel of the battlefield for himself [308]. Eruhaben confirms with Metelona’s expressions that the Tower Master is a Lich and decides to help Cale with his future plans as his last act as their gramps [308]. After Crown Prince Alberu, representative of many allied Western continent kingdoms, declares war on black magic at night, the Battle of Section 7 begins [309]. While Litana, Tasha, Mary, Choi Han, Eruhaben, and many Dark Elves destroy the golems and take over the airship, the trees of the Jungle offer their branches to Cale who in turn uses the Indestructible Shield to make them grow into dead mana eating trees [311]. Meanwhile, the Mogoru Empire’s Imperial Doctor disappears after entering the secret entrance outside the capital into the Alchemists’ Bell Tower [319].

One day later, before dawn, the Battle of Section 7 ends with the Cale and the Jungle’s victory and Cale obtains an airship [315]. The spy in the Jungle is found [315]. Cale wakes up an hour after fainting and begins to tell Alberu his plan to invade the Mogoru Empire’s capital [315]. Obante speaks to Mary about the Sage and Queen of Death and gives Cale a beginner black magic book [316, 318]. Mary absorbs most of the dead mana in the Jungle, turning the black trees into pure white [317]. Rumors about Cale being dead spread throughout the Western continent [317]. Meanwhile, Adin isolates the Mogoru Empire capital so that no information or people can go in or out [319].

The Battle of the Capital of the Mogoru Empire[edit | edit source]

One day later, Cale teleports to Billos’s secret residence in the Mogoru Empire and finds out that the Imperial Prince cannot be found in the capital [318]. Cale finds the secret entrance into the Alchemists’ Bell Tower that the Imperial Doctor used [319]. Cale’s group records the insides of the Alchemists’ Bell Tower and Adin drinking dead mana using the video recording orbs brought by Rex [319, 321]. They begin to investigate the tower and find all the secret passages [322]. Later, Rex and his organization place the video recording orbs everywhere throughout the capital [322].

One day later, Rex’s group begins to ask the guards of the Alchemists’ Bell Tower if they can visit their family members who had been taken in while others in the capital spread rumors that these taken people had never appeared outside the tower even once over the last fifteen years [322]. Rosalyn and the airship, the Dark Elves, and Clopeh with his Holy Knights arrive in the capital [322]. Jack receives the Condemnation of the Sun [322].

Two days later, at night, Cale starts the Battle of the Capital of the Mogoru Empire [322]. The airship casts the footage of the Mogoru Empire’s atrocities while Rex’s group evacuates the citizens, Rosalyn’s group destroys the capital walls, and Cale’s group infiltrates the Alchemists’ Bell Tower [323]. Choi Han changes his attribute so that his aura is half despair, half happiness and Choi Han defeats Adin [326]. After Cale’s group defeats the Empire’s forces inside the Alchemists’ Bell Tower, Sir Bernard, the Emperor’s Guardian Sword and the real Tower Master, appears in the plaza wherein Rex, the Empire’s citizens, and Cale’s group are [328]. Saint Jack uses his divine powers to expose Lich Bernard’s true form [329]. Jack, Hannah, and Mary begin to fight against Bernard and the people under his control [330]. Jack heals and purifies the people controlled by Bernard’s black magic and uses the divine item to give Hannah the sword in the Condemnation of the Sun [332]. Cale meets the White Star and Cale’s group fight against both White Star and Bernard [334, 335]. Cale finds out that the White Star is a Dragon Slayer and a reincarnator [335].

One day later, a few hours before dawn, Lich Bernard dies, giving the rest of his darkness to the White Star who combines it with his sky attribute attack [335, 337]. Cale purifies the darkness and defends against the sky attribute power with his friends [337, 339]. White Star teleports away to look for an earth ancient power [339]. Cale tells his people to call Alberu if they need help before he faints [339]. As Cale dreams of his past, Cale is placed in Adin’s bed to sleep [340]. Rex and his people raid the palace and imprison the Emperor, royal family, and grand nobles [340]. The Alchemists’ Bell Tower’s underground area is revealed and the black mages are all imprisoned [340]. Plavin Singten destroys all evidence of his human trafficking and hides in his secret residence [390].

Eleven days later, Mercenary King Bud Illis (35) catches a scent of the White Star and realizes his different powers [344].

One day later, funerals for those who died in the Alchemists’ Bell Tower begin [340].

One day later, the Empire’s soldiers who have been released by the Whipper Kingdom return to the capital of the Mogoru Empire [340]. They begin to defend the capital and guard Rex, Jack, and Hannah [340]. As Rex takes care of the administration, the Mogoru Empire begins to restabilize itself [340]. Meanwhile, Bud and Glenn Poeff arrive in Leeb-An City to investigate the first Arm attack on the Mercenaries’ Guild and the Hope and Adventure Loving Inn that had opened on the same day as that attack [342].

Finding the Mercenary King and The Ancient Artifact of Healing on Wind Island[edit | edit source]

One day later, Cale wakes up after two weeks of sleep [340]. Cale learns the events of the Empire that had happened while he was asleep which also includes the reopening of the Church of the Sun God in the Mogoru Empire, Jack becoming both Saint and Pope, the imprisonment and release of Crown Prince Valentino, and the public cry to destroy all the Alchemists’ Towers in the Empire [340]. After eating a meal and discussing the White Star’s identity, Cale’s group teleport to the Eastern continent to find the Mercenary King to ask him to use his healing power on Eruhaben [342]. Cale meets Bud in his Hope and Adventure Loving Inn and makes an offer to help kill the White Star and destroy Arm in exchange for seeing the Mercenaries Guild’s Directory and Bud’s healing power [343, 344]. Cale gives Bud a recording of the battle against Lich Bernard and the White Star to help Bud come to his decision [345].

One day later, Bud accepts Cale’s offer and they head to Wind Island to find the ancient artifact to heal Eruhaben [345]. Cale realizes that he is the only one who can hear the voices of his ancient powers and the ancient powers suggest that Cale either fully absorb them to get stronger or give Choi Han powers to become a weapon capable of defeating the White Star [346]. Bud shows Cale Wind Island and gives him instructions after they arrive in Bud’s hometown [347].

One day later, in late spring, Cale enters Wind Island [347, 351]. Cale learns more about the Sound of Wind, the Ancient White Star, and the first Dragon Slayer [349, 350]. After taking the ancient artifact of healing and picking up the top’s whip, Cale falls unconscious to take a test wherein everyone he loves have died [350, 351].

Six days later, the children, worried for Cale, begin to push away the fog surrounding Wind Island [348].

One day later, the wind around Wind Island begins to decrease [348].  

One day later, Cale wakes up after hearing the voices of the Wind Elementals [352]. After finding out that he had been asleep for one whole week, Cale purifies Wind Island with the Wind Elementals and faints [352-354].

Three days later, Cale wakes up and Bud tells Cale that he will be Cale’s secretary until they get rid of the White Star [355]. While Cale wants to start healing Eruhaben and defeating the White Star, everyone makes sure that Cale gets rest [356].

Two days later, Cale forces Eruhaben to use the ancient artifact of healing [356]. When Eruhaben refuses to drink more than a year’s worth of vitality, Cale takes the jar and keeps it, telling Eruhaben that one day he would want to live much longer [357]. Eruhaben tells Cale about the Castle of Light [357]. Cale’s group head to Resting City, a free city wherein the Mercenaries Guild’s first base was built [358]. Cale begins to search through the Mercenaries Guild’s Directory for hints of White Star’s past [359].

The Battle of The Castle of Light  [edit | edit source]

One week later, Cale finishes reading 9,889 of the 45,788 Directory books and realizes that the White Star was the first Mercenary King and that the White Star used the Directory to find the ancient powers he wanted [360]. Cale informs Alberu everything and Alberu begins to gather records of ancient powers on the Western continent [361]. Alberu tells Cale about the remaining royals and nobles in the Mogoru Empire gathering to revolt [362]. Eruhaben stores the directory in his spatial dimension, Cale’s group teleports out, and Ron, Beacrox, and Raon destroy the first Mercenaries Guild base, announcing the return of the Molan household [362]. Ron and Beacrox briefly fights Atures Poeff, Leader of Arm’s Second Battle Brigade, (40+) and Crock, the leader of the Mercenaries Guild’s core members, (30+) before escaping [364]. Cale’s group teleport to the Castle of Light where Sheritt greets Raon and Cale upon being unsealed by her child’s presence [364, 367]. Meanwhile, Cats from Arm report to the White Star that Cale is in the Castle of Light [368]. Sheritt tells Cale’s group about Raon, the White Star, and the oath of death made by a Dragon Slayer [365-367]. When Sheritt is about to show Cale her memories, the White Star appears with Mage Becrock, 50 Cats, and over 100 Arm members [369, 404]. Cale uses the White Crown’s power to defend against the White Star’s attack with the Dragons [372]. While Arm continues to attack the castle, Cale’s group head to the underground Dragon Slayer village and find Nelan Barrow’s record titled The Birth of a Hero [376]. Cale reads the record which is written in both the Eastern continent’s language and Korean by Choi Jung Gun, who is Choi Han’s uncle [377]. After reading, Cale pretends to be weakened and Cale’s group attack the White Star and Arm [379, 380]. After forcing White Star to retreat, Cale sends the Wind Elementals to follow the White Star [383]. Later, Eruhaben asks Cale for 10 billion gallons worth of magic stones to move Sheritt’s castle [384]. Choi Han reads The Birth of a Hero, decides to become the Dragon Slayer and sword, and asks Cale to be the guardian and shield [385]. Cale calls Alberu and teleports to the Mogoru Empire where he plans with the others to destroy the four Alchemists’ Towers [387, 388]. Meanwhile, the Wind Elementals find out that the White Star is heading to Whale Village to find the earth ancient power [389]. Plavin Singten finishes erasing all his information and people involved with human trafficking [390]. Cale gets Plavin to gather 15 billion counds worth of magic stones overnight [391]. Cale calls Clopeh and Witira to prepare to trick the White Star [392]. Cale creates text similar to The Birth of a Hero with Choi Han before giving it to Taylor Stan to create a fake ancient document [393]. Cage gives Cale the God of Death’s divine item and a paper on which she copied what the God of Death had showed her in her dreams [393]. Cale reads the paper and remembers his past [394]. On the paper, the God of Death tells Cale that he has until November 8 to decide whether or not to return to his original world [394, 425]. Cale tells everyone with him at the time that the God of Death told him that he was supposed to have died, causing them to worry and hate the God of Death [395]. Cale sleeps in Alberu’s bedroom [395].

The Beginning of Dragon Slayer Choi Han and The Battle of Four Alchemists’ Towers[edit | edit source]

One day later, Choi Han retrieves the magic stones from Plavin and hands 5 billion counds worth of magic stones to Rosalyn [397]. Later, Choi Han destroys part of the Roan Kingdom’s prison and Syrem agrees to pass his ancient powers to Choi Han on the day of his execution [397]. Using the remaining 10 billion counds worth of magic stones, the Dragons move the Black Castle to the Forest of Darkness [398]. Cale visits the Blue Wolf children and Tigers, informing them that the Lions, Bears, and Cats were all in Arm [399]. Lock begins to learn shield arts from Sheritt [399].  

One day later, Choi Han and Eruhaben go to Huiss [400]. At night, Cale forces Plavin to work for him [400].

One day later, Choi Han makes a vow of death with Eruhaben to not use the Abandoning Your Life ancient power [402]. Choi Han takes Syrem’s ancient powers and falls unconscious when the God of Death gives him Choi Jung Soo’s memories and ability [402]. Plavin sneaks Cale, Ron, and Beacrox into the Southern Alchemists’ Tower [400]. Cale loots the tower, replacing all their magic stones with rocks [401]. Eruhaben informs Cale about Choi Han and Cale tells Eruhaben to get Cage to check on Choi Han’s condition [403]. Cale overhears Becrock talk about the locations White Star suspects to have the last earth ancient power [404]. Cale records a map of the enemy locations and other information [404]. Cale calls Tasha, Taylor, and Clopeh, asking them to come to the Empire [404]. Cale tells Bud the enemy’s attack routes and Mary the location of the dead mana storage facilities [404]. In each tower, Cale’s forces steal the enemies’ magic stones and prepare to attack the towers at the same time [407]. At night, the Battle of the Four Alchemists’ Towers begins with Hannah at the East, Jack at the North, Rei at the West, and Rex at the South [407]. Cale causes the Southern Alchemists’ Tower to explode with magic bombs, Sir Rex and his men fight the black mages and capture escaping nobles, and Rosalyn (24) fights Becrock (24) and the Southern Tower Master [406, 408]. Becrock absorbs the Southern Tower Master’s dead mana to attack Rosalyn, but Rosalyn defeats him after absorbing thousands of magic stones and destroying Becrock’s mana [408, 409]. As the Battle of the Southern Alchemists’ Tower ends, Lions, golems, and most of the enemies from the other towers appear in the Northern Alchemists’ Tower where Jack is [410]. While Hannah fights Lion King Dorph and Jack nullifies all the attacks of the black mages and golems, Cale purifies most of the dead mana lake within the Northern Alchemists’ Tower [412-414]. Choi Han wakes up and realizes that Cale is Kim Rok Soo [416]. Eruhaben and Choi Han teleport to the Northern Alchemists’ Tower and Choi Han asks Cale some questions before fighting Dorph [415, 416]. More allies appear and Mary and the Dark Elves begin to absorb the rest of the dead mana lake [418]. Cale’s group tries to defeat their enemies, but Bear King Sayeru and multiple airships appear and Sayeru reveals that Arm was heading to the now emptied capital to destroy it [419]. After buying some time, Cale sends everyone except Raon and Choi Han away first so that they can defend the capital from Arm [420]. After Cale and Choi Han destroy the golems and the airships, Cale, Choi Han, and Raon also teleport, escaping from Dorph and Sayeru [421, 422]. Cale faints and meets Lee Soo Hyuk in his dream [422]. Lee Soo Hyuk explains that the God of Death allowed Choi Jung Soo to share his memories and ability with Choi Han and Lee Soo Hyuk to give his ability, Embrace, to Cale [423, 464]. Lee Soo Hyuk gives Cale his ability on the condition that he creates a farm and an orchard in the Forest of Darkness [423]. Lee Soo Hyuk tells Cale that the original Cale Henituse is happy and living well too [423]. While Cale is asleep, Cale’s group defeat most of the airships that are at the capital [424]. The remaining airships retreat after Choi Han and Raon appear in the capital [424].  

One day later, Cale’s group remain in the capital to guard it for a day [424]. Meanwhile, Clopeh, the Whales, Taylor, and Tasha continue preparations for the fake ancient document and the plan to trick the White Star [424].

One day later, Cale’s group goes to the Northern Alchemists’ Tower to find the leftover debris from the battle and to find all the Arm members gone [424]. They destroy all four Alchemists’ Towers and take any valuables and alchemy-related texts [424].

Eighteen days later, in September,  Cale wakes up for the first time in twenty days [424]. (Note: It has been almost 2 years and 6 months since Choi Han met Cale, making it September [425].) Cale cries and lets himself remember records of his former team for the first time since Choi Jung Soo’s and Lee Soo Hyuk’s death [423]. Cale answers Choi Han’s questions and tells Raon a short summary of his situation [425]. After heading North, Cale explains his plan to his allies [427]. Clopeh’s and Bud’s people begin to spread negative rumors about the White Star throughout the Western and Eastern continents [427]. A Wind Elemental tells Cale that Dorph had eaten a Darkness Elemental and received its power and that the World Tree was looking for Cale [427]. The Wind Elemental also introduces Cale to a baby Fire Elemental capable of destroying darkness [427].  

The Battle of the North[edit | edit source]

Some days later, the White Star and Sayeru head into the land of the Whales [428]. The Great Battle for the Northern Treasure (The Battle of the North) begins as Witira and the Whales attack White Star, Sayeru, Arm, and their ships [392, 428]. Clopeh appears and adds to the chaos, pretending to have betrayed Witira to steal their treasure and to have betrayed Cale to steal Syrem’s wyvern-controlling ancient power [429, 430]. White Star and Sayeru notice and chase after Whale King Shickler [430]. White Star and Sayeru are tricked into stealing and believing a fake ancient document as they teleport away [431]. White Star realizes that Choi Han can read Korean and begins to plan a way to take and control Choi Han [431]. Alberu calls Cale and tells him that the Henituse household would be raised from Count to a higher title [432]. Cale goes to the City of Death to plan with the Dark Elves a way to defeat the White Star [433].

The Award Ceremony in Roan Kingdom and The Battle of The Land of Death  [edit | edit source]

Three days later, Cale meets Basen and Lily in the Henituse capital residence [433]. Cale supports Lily’s dream of becoming a knight, shares his desire to live a quiet life in Harris Village, and encourages Basen to become territory lord [434]. Cale offers to take care of dealing with external affairs issues of the territory for Basen [434]. Dark Elf Alberu visits Cale at night to discuss about dealing with the nobles [435]. While Cale and the Dark Elves continue to prepare for the Battle of the Land of Death, Ron and the others on the Eastern continent prepare for the Battle of the Molan Estate [439].

Two days later, the nobles gather in Huiss for the award ceremony and the end of war celebration [435]. Alberu formally introduces Choi Han as his instructor and Cale as his sworn brother [436]. Tasha receives the title of Viscountess, many northeastern nobles receive rewards and government positions, and the Henituse household is bestowed the title of Duke [437]. Choi Han gives Alberu a pile of papers of his sword arts [438]. Cale leaves Huiss after the award ceremony to meet with Valentino in Young-en City to get his permission to fight against the White Star in Caro Kingdom [439, 440]. After the meeting, Illusionist Elisneh, Queen of Molden Kingdom, causes the Dubori territory to be in a state of mana disturbance and the people outside Dubori to see an illusion of fire [440, 441, 446]. Valentino goes with his Royal Knights and Mage Brigades to the Dubori territory [441]. While Cale and Choi Han infiltrate the Dubori Lord’s castle and confront the White Star, Gashan and the Wind Elementals bring Valentino, the Dark Elves, and neighborhood Elementals into the territory to help Cale [443]. Elisneh traps Choi Han in an illusion and the White Star creates pillars of fire in attempt to get Cale to overuse his ancient powers and break his plate [446]. Raon brings Eruhaben for help and Choi Han breaks out of the illusion and destroys Elisneh’s medium [446-448]. Cale uses his ancient powers to destroy the pillars of fire, Raon protects the citizens of Dubori territory with a silver shield, and Eruhaben destroys all the mana disturbance tools [450]. With Valentino moving his army to protect the Dubori territory, the battle between Cale’s group and Arm moves into the Land of Death [451].

The Battle of The Molan Estate and The Blood-Drenched Rock[edit | edit source]

One day later, the Battle of the Land of Death ends with both Sayeru and the White Star losing an arm [453]. The Battle of the Molan Estate begins as Ron and Bud lead an army of assassins and mercenaries into Arm’s first secret base which is the former Molan Estate [454]. The battle ends with Ron and Beacrox reclaiming their house [457]. Soon afterwards, Cale’s group teleport to Arm’s second secret base which is just south of The Gate to the Demon World, one of the Three Restricted Zones [457]. The Dragon half-blood and Raon destroy the most important areas within the second secret base with magic and magic bombs while Choi Han and the others defeat the enemy attackers [458, 459]. Once White Star and Arm reinforcements arrive to help Arm’s second secret base, Cale’s group teleport to the Roan Kingdom’s northwest region to get the second earth ancient power [459]. Meanwhile, the White Star immediately returns to the desert to search for the earth ancient power and Valentino sends out a declaration of war on the White Star and asks other kingdoms for help [466]. While the others rest in Taylor’s residence, the Dragon half-blood tells Cale his past [460]. After they eat, Cale’s group goes to Nake Mountain where the earth ancient power is [462]. Cale bribes Hunter Bobe with ten million gallons to guide them up the mountain [462]. When Beacrox gets bewitched by the Blood-Drenched Rock, Super Rock tells Cale of the real use of Dominating Aura [463]. Cale defeats and seals the Blood-Drenched Rock into his Henituse badge with Embrace [465]. Cale visits Alberu who tells Cale about Valentino’s declaration and how other kingdoms were asking the Roan Kingdom to lead them in the war against White Star [467]. To limit damages to the Roan Kingdom, Cale suggests to increase the scale of the war by mentioning how one of White Star’s subordinates is the Queen of the Molden Kingdom and how the Mercenaries Guild would be happy to ally with them and help [467]. Cale warns Alberu that the White Star might come to the northwest region before Cale’s group teleport to the City of Death [467]. Tasha updates Cale on the White Star’s actions and they head over to the other underground city when they hear that White Star has found it [468].

The Origin of White Star’s Cale Conspiracy Theories and The Battles of Four Locations (Renche of Molden Kingdom, A Mountain of Endable Kingdom, Stan Territory, and The Lake of Despair)[edit | edit source]

One day later, midnight passes and dead mana rises in the Land of Death [438, 468]. White Star orders his black mages to investigate the dead mana rising before entering the underground city [469]. White Star also orders them to tell Dorph to check if Cale had approached the Gate to the Demon World [469]. Having placed a video communication device in the area, Cale overhears the orders and resolves to figure out the importance of the Gate to the Demon World [470]. White Star enters the underground city and realizes that it is a trap [470]. White Star begins to believe that Cale is a transmigrator who jumped through multiple bodies for a very long time to defeat him [471]. Cale and the White Star blow up the underground city, causing some Arm members to die [471]. After Cale’s group teleport away, the White Star heads to the Gate to the Demon World to ask about Cale’s identity [473]. Bud heads to the Eastern continent to send people to scout the area around Arm’s second secret base [475]. Eruhaben stays in the Caro Kingdom and reports the battle’s aftermath to Valentino [474]. Alberu sends knights and Dark Elves to investigate the battlefield and Alberu plans to acquire the Land of Death from the Caro Kingdom for the Dark Elves [474]. Cale explains everything to Alberu and asks Alberu for ancient documents on the Crossman Royal family before going to the Forest of Darkness [475]. The Dragon half-blood tells Sheritt and Raon everything [476]. Sheritt explains to Cale about the real Gate to the Demon World, the Demonic race, and role of Dragons [479]. Cale begins to think that the White Star is connected to the Demonic race and that the sky attribute ancient power is a power from the Demon World [479]. As Raon and Sheritt discuss about the Dragon half-blood, Cale finds Choi Han and the Dragon half-blood trying to cook [480]. Once Sheritt and Raon are done talking to the Dragon half-blood, Cale, Raon, and Choi Han go to the Lake of Despair [480]. After comforting the Baby Fire Elemental and asking Bud to investigate the Molden Kingdom, they visit the World Tree [480, 487]. The World Tree tells Cale about the God of Death and that Alberu was fated to exist in Roan Kingdom [482]. The World Tree also tells Cale about how Arm was stealing its branches to create a new World Tree in the Molden Kingdom’s capital, Renche [482, 494]. The World Tree asks Cale to destroy the new World Tree, offering the help from every Elf [482]. Adite tells Cale of the Elves’ failed attempt, the World Tree gives Cale its fruit, and Tasha agrees to help the World Tree with Cale [483]. Cale helps the Baby Fire Elemental get Sully to agree to a contract [484]. As Cale returns to End Village to get Adite’s help to teach Sully about contracts and Elemental Arts, Cale talks with the World Tree again and learns that the Demonic race also forms contracts with humans [484, 487]. Cale meets with Alberu in the Roan Palace’s Grand Library [484]. Alberu shows Cale the boulder engraved with the Sun God’s words and Cale tells Alberu that he is a descendant of the Ancient White Star [486]. Meanwhile, Bud gets captured by Jopis, Molden Kingdom’s dethroned princess, in Ghost Village [487, 493]. Glenn and Ron inform Cale and shows him footage of Jopis’s invitation and the captured Bud [489]. Glenn and Ron lead Cale to Jopis’s house wherein Cale and Jopis make a deal to overthrow Elisneh [489]. Glenn gets news that all 1,001 mercenaries of their Expert Ranger Brigade have gone missing while entering the mountain near Arm’s second secret base [491]. While Bud gathers mercenaries to rescue the Ranger Brigade and investigate their disappearance and Jopis sends out messages to her people with dogs, Cale gathers all the available Elves and Dark Elves for the incoming battles on the Eastern continent [492, 493].  

One day later, most of the Elves and Dark Elves teleport to the mountain near Arm’s second secret base while Cale leads some of the forces to first conquer Ghost Village and free Jopis before teleporting to the mountain [493, 494]. At the mountain, Cale puts Sorros, the World Tree’s Messenger, in charge of the Elven search team and introduces them to Bud [494]. As the sun rises, Jopis’s dog, Fluffy, begins to gather all the dogs in Renche to scout the capital [494]. The Molan assassins disguise as servants and Billos helps the Molan assassins infiltrate the area [494]. Cale’s forces infiltrate the palace through the underground waterways, cause a loud distraction to help the Molan assassins enter the palace, and enter the underground maze [496]. While Cale’s group destroy walls and kill monsters within the maze, the Molan assassins defeat Elisneh’s forces, protect the innocents inside the palace, and infiltrate the other entrance into the maze [498, 500]. Elisneh and her three shamans lead Jopis’s cousins into the maze to use them as hostages to delay and defeat Cale and Jopis [499]. However, Cale creates a stone snake surrounded by the Fire of Destruction to charge through the maze walls and reach the fake World Tree [499]. As Cale is about to burn the fake World Tree, the tree asks Cale to save it [500]. While Cale talks to the tree, Elisneh controls the tree to bind Cale and casts an illusion meant to show Cale his greatest fear [501, 505]. Cale breaks out of the illusion and wakes up to see all his allies destroying and defeating the monsters, maze, and shamans [502]. Pendrick gives Cale the Sword of the World Tree [503]. Meanwhile, Bud and Sorros realize that the entire mountain was under an illusion and try to retreat from hundreds of assassins and enemies from the Endable Kingdom [504]. In the Roan Kingdom, the White Star begins to invade the northwest region [505]. Lion King Dorph begins to invade the Lake of Despair [505]. Cale receives calls from Alberu and Clopeh [505]. Clopeh, the Wyvern Knights Brigade, and the Whales begin to fight Dorph to protect the World Tree [506]. After Bud calls Cale for help, Cale places the World Tree into his commander badge with Embrace and Raon destroys the ceiling of the maze [506, 507]. Ron captures Elisneh and Cale’s group leave the underground area [508]. Although Elisneh does not get rid of the illusion in the palace, Jopis reveals all of Elisneh’s acts to the public with the video recording device she had on her throughout the battle [508]. Cale leaves the aftermath of the Battle of Renche to Jopis and leaves to save Bud and the Elves [509]. Cale realizes that the enemies are herding Bud’s group into the center of the mountain and sends the Molan assassins, Cats, and Raon to prepare to ambush the enemies from behind [510]. While Cale travels to join Bud’s group, Cale saves Rat Pan, a Ranger Brigade survivor [510, 512]. Pan tells Cale everything that had happened to the Ranger Brigade and Cale asks Raon to bring Jack and Hannah [512]. Cale talks to the enemies and stalls for time until Raon returns [512]. Saint Jack meets Marquis Gersey, the chief priest who serves the Demonic race, and surrounds Cale’s group with healing light [513, 533]. On covers the area with fog, the enemies get attacked by the Molan assassins, the Wind Elementals create whirlwinds around Jack’s power, and Cale’s group escape to the top of the mountain [513]. Cale calls Alberu about the White Star’s plan [514]. While Rosalyn teleports to help Cale, Alberu begins to prepare the Roan Kingdom’s forces [514]. Cale meets Duke Fredo Von Ejellan, leader of the Vampires [515]. Fredo offers Cale a deal, gives him a map of Endable Kingdom, and tells Cale about the White Star’s plan to attack Alberu [516]. Meanwhile, Alberu heads to Stan territory to help Taylor fight against the White Star [517]. On the mountain, Cale’s group cause an avalanche to bury their enemies and quickly head to Roan Kingdom [518]. In the Battle of Stan Territory, the White Star uses the territory citizens he had captured earlier as hostages to force Alberu to leave the castle [519]. As soon as Alberu is on the battlefield, the White Star sends his forces to attack the castle and personally attacks Alberu and his Knight Brigade [520]. Alberu reveals that he is a highest-grade swordsman who can use magic, defends against the White Star, and boosts the morale of his people [521]. The Tigers and Lock arrive and Lock and Gashan help Alberu fight against the White Star [522, 523]. Although they hurt the White Star, the three lose [523]. The White Star nearly takes off Alberu’s helmet and reveals his true form, but Cale and Choi Han arrive and stop the White Star [523]. The White Star declares his new theory of how Cale was someone who has received the will of a god [524]. A subordinate tells the White Star that Cale caused Fredo to fall unconscious and a large number of their forces to be buried by an avalanche [525]. The White Star leaves, Alberu returns to his usual appearance, and the hostages are freed [526]. Rumors about Cale being someone who has received the will of a god spread throughout the Western continent [527]. Cale’s family call and Cale convinces them that the rumors are not true [527]. Cale reports to Alberu about the other battles [527]. Witira and Clopeh call Cale, telling him that Dorph retreated from the Lake of Despair [527]. Cage tells Cale that the God of Death is offering him the Saint position and Cale rejects [527, 528]. Cage tells Cale her decision to help Cale fight against the White Star [528]. Fredo appears, greets Alberu, and requests a private meeting with Cale [529]. Fredo tells Cale that the Demon World wants to turn the Natural World they live in into their land [530]. Fredo also tells Cale about the Demonic race’s plans, the Endable Kingdom, and how the White Star wants to transcend all the limits of the Natural World [530]. Fredo requests Cale’s help to destroy the device that will turn the White Star into a member of the Demonic race [530]. Cale accepts and Fredo gives Cale a device that Cale uses to disguise as Fredo’s son, Naru Von Ejellan, and infiltrate Endable, the capital of Endable Kingdom [530]. As Naru, Cale meets the White Star, Count Mock, and Count Hubesha at Fredo’s bedside [532, 535]. Once they leave, Fredo continues to explain the basics of Endable Kingdom and their plan to destroy the device [533]. The White Star sends Naru many gifts including cookies that are better than Alberu’s [533]. As Cale relaxes, Cale begins to come up with a plan to make the White Star attack him [533].

Naru-Cale and The Black Castle Destruction Plan[edit | edit source]

One day later, Fredo tells Cale about his dream to create a home for the Vampires and Cale tells Fredo about the White Star’s curse [534]. Together, they create a fake document with information on the Black Castle [538]. Cale gathers all the Vampires, tells them that Fredo is in a coma, and asks that they trust him in the chaos to follow [534]. In the afternoon, there is a grand assembly between Endable Kingdom’s nobles and high-ranking officials at the White Palace [532]. Marquis Gersey asks for the participation of all priests in a ritual on the last day of Endable Kingdom’s fall festival [535]. Cale realizes that the ritual must be related to the White Star’s plans and objects [535]. Instead, Cale proposes that the White Star give an order to kill Cale right away [535]. After the meeting, Bud calls Cale and tells him about the missing bodies of half the Ranger Brigade [536]. Fredo tells Cale that he has hidden the Rangers to make a deal with Bud to increase the favorability of Vampires on the Eastern continent with his mercenaries [537]. At night, Cale meets with Count Mock to give him the fake document [537]. With Cale’s support, Count Mock convinces the White Star to start a war against Cale [538].

One day later, in the middle of September, as the Endable Kingdom’s grand assembly reconvenes, Raon and Choi Han sneak into Fredo’s bedroom and secret basement to gather any useful information [539, 542]. At the grand assembly, Count Mock announces the Black Castle Destruction Plan and gains the favor of many noble awaiters who want to participate for merits [539, 540]. When Cale returns, Raon and Choi Han tell Cale the information they have found [540]. Cale learns that the White Star was cursed on November 8 and that the White Star looks like Kim Rok Soo [540]. Cale informs Eruhaben, Rosalyn, Mary, and Gashan about the incoming attack on the Black Castle [541]. Later, Alberu arrives in Fredo’s house in his Dark Elf form and negotiates with Fredo as the crown prince’s proxy, Bob [541]. Cale asks Fredo for allowance and walks around Endable Kingdom with Alberu [542, 543]. Later, Cale and Alberu meets Deputy Chief Priest Cotton, hears more on the plan to destroy the device that will turn White Star into a member of the Demonic race, and checks on the Ranger Brigade survivors [544, 545, 550].

One day later, on the first day of the Endable Kingdom’s fall festival, the Black Castle Destruction Plan begins [545]. Count Mock, Cale, 48 noble awaiters, and their hundreds of subordinates teleport to the Forest of Darkness [546]. While the Endable Kingdom warriors try to surround the Black Castle however, Cale’s group and the Vampires ambush and capture all the enemies [547-549]. Meanwhile, Eruhaben, Rosalyn, and Cale teleport back to Fredo’s house in Endable Kingdom [550]. After meeting with Cotton, Rosalyn teleports Bud and Glenn into the area where the Ranger Brigade is imprisoned [551]. While Rosalyn and Glenn teleport the Ranger Brigade out of Endable Kingdom, Cotton leads Eruhaben, Cale, and Bud into the Temple of the Demonic God where the device is [551]. As they are infiltrating the underground facility, Gersey and the White Star find them [552]. Cotton uses a divine item of the God of War to destroy the door to the device and Cale finds sculptures of monsters that had appeared on Earth [552]. Cotton and Cale attempt to steal the sealed monsters, but fail [553]. The sealed god awakens and drags Cale into another dimension similar to Earth to make Cale feel despair and desire the sealed god’s power [554, 555]. After Cale becomes unconscious and imprisoned inside a black orb, everyone who had made a vow of death with Cale before feels their vow being cut [554, 559]. Cage informs Choi Han and Alberu about the vow [555]. Eruhaben tells them about the situation and Choi Han goes to Endable Kingdom [555]. While the White Star and his subordinates guard the black orb Cale is in, Eruhaben and the others hide in the shelter created by Cotton using her powers as the God of War’s Holy Maiden [560]. Alberu and the others outside the Endable Kingdom try to invade the Endable Kingdom, but are unable to penetrate the black barrier covering the sinkhole [560].

The Test of the Sealed God and The Rescue of Cale out of the Endable Kingdom[edit | edit source]

(Note: One day in Kim Rok Soo’s world is about three days in Cale Henituse’s world [560, 602]. Which is confusing for me so from here on out, paragraphs begin with ‘three days later’ or multiples of three. Each paragraph describes everything that happens within that specific three day interval in Cale Henituse’s world corresponding to the respective one day in Kim Rok Soo’s world. Typically, the paragraph will begin with what happened in Cale  Henituse’s world first.)

Three days later in Cale Henituse’s world, Choi Han speaks to the God of Death and cuts his lifespan to enter the sealed god’s test which Cale is in [560]. On October 24 on Earth,  Cale gets beaten up by Park Jin Tae [555, 557]. The sealed god tells Cale that he will make Cale choose to become a member of the Demonic race to carry on his will [556]. Cale decides to overcome his despair to return to back to Cale Henituse’s world [556]. Cale pretends to have the ability of foresight to convince everyone around him to begin preparing for the wave of monsters that will appear the next day [558]. After Cale finishes convincing the others, Choi Han appears on Earth after having made a deal with the God of Death [559]. Choi Han tells Cale everything that is happening in Cale Henituse’s world [560]. At night until the next morning, Park Jin Tae and the others visit the other shelters to pass on information as well as to bring back people who believed and wanted to be in their shelter for protection [561].

Three days later in Cale Henituse’s world, the Mercenaries Guild, Dark Elf and Elf Alliance, Rosalyn’s mages, Molan assassins, and numerous other people camp outside the black barrier covering the Endable  Kingdom [563]. The God of Death through Cage gives Alberu an offer to allow him to communicate with Cale in exchange for the curse that the Sun God placed on the Crossman bloodline [568]. The Sun God through Jack confirms the offer, saying that he wished to fix his mistake [568]. One day later, on October 25 on Earth, a solar eclipse occurs at noon and hundreds of monsters appear at each central shelter [562]. Under Cale’s lead, everyone in the Park Jin Tae Shelter manage to defeat most of the Grade 3 monsters [562]. Later, Cale fights and teaches the ability users how to properly use their ability to defeat Grade 1 monsters [565]. While Cale is fighting the last Grade 1 taster monster, Alberu takes control of the Dark Tiger [569, 570]. Alberu explains his appearance, Cale tells Alberu that he is a transmigrator, and Choi Han tells Alberu that he is a dimension traveler [571, 572]. Cale’s group help out the other central shelters and take care of all the Grade 1 taster monsters while Cale turns the other leader monsters into allies [572]. At night, Cale leads everyone into launching a counterattack on all the monsters until morning [576].  

Three days later in Cale Henituse’s world, Alberu lets most of Cale’s family and friends know that Cale and Choi Han are doing well [577]. One day later, on October 26 on Earth, the three central shelters defend against the remaining monsters from morning until the solar eclipse at noon and they all move into the new central shelter that appears [578]. The First Central Shelter Destruction Incident ends with zero casualties from all three central shelters under Cale’s lead [578].  

(In the time between October 26 and meeting Choi Jung Soo on Earth, Cale tells the core ability users of the new central shelter about the unranked monster that will appear in Seomyeon, Busan and his plan to take a team there to defeat it [578, 579]. Later, Cale and his team ride on the leader monsters and head to Seomyeon [579]. While they head to Seomyeon, they tell survivors they meet every now and then about locations of the nearest central shelters and help clear out monsters in their path [581].)  

Some days later on Earth, Cale and Choi Han meet Choi Jung Soo’s group and Choi Han begins to show Choi Jung Soo his sword art [581].

Six days later in Cale Henituse’s world,  all the kingdoms of the Eastern continent other than the Molden Kingdom align themselves with the White Star and push the Mercenaries Guild out of their territories [587]. The Molan assassins infiltrate each kingdom’s palace to figure out the reason they were allying with the White Star [587]. While Alberu continues to camp outside Endable Kingdom and talk with the leaders of the Western continent, Rosalyn and Mary take care of the Western continent’s issues [587]. Jack, Cage, and Taylor continue to gather information on ancient times and gods [587]. Two days later on Earth, Cale’s group arrives in Seomyeon, Busan’s central shelter [581, 582]. Lee Soo Hyuk and Cale’s group meet [582]. Choi Han talks to Choi Jung Soo for the first time since the day they had met and offers to teach him sword arts [583]. After Lee Soo Hyuk reunites with the people from his first central shelter, Cale tells everyone important in Seomyeon Shelter about the incoming invasion of the unranked monster [583]. Later, Lee Soo Hyuk, Cale, and some others save a rescue team from Mirror Masks [584]. In the process, Cale and his companions gain the acknowledgment and respect from those who hadn’t believed in him like Kim Woo [586]. Later, Lee Soo Hyuk learns about Park Jin Tae and Lee Chul Min’s misdeeds in the Park Jin Tae Shelter and beats them up [588].  

Some days later in Cale Henituse’s world, Jack finds an ancient record about Alberu and the boulder within the Roan Palace’s Grand Library [588]. Some days later, on November 3 on Earth, Alberu tells Cale the new information and his plan to return to the Roan Kingdom to check the boulder for hidden information on the sealed god, gain the cooperation of the Western continent leaders, and to find Dragons [588-589]. Back in Cale Henituse’s world, Alberu touches the boulder with his blood and a spear appears and new words replace the old words that had been engraved on the boulder [589]. Alberu learns that the Unbreakable Spear, Taerang, is created by an expert from Earth 3 [590, 593]. Back on Earth, Cale speaks to all the ability users and leaders gathered from all around Korea and convinces them all to take the opportunity to learn how to defeat an unranked monster without any casualties [590, 592]. Alberu returns to tell Cale about his findings [593].  

Three days later in Cale Henituse’s world, Alberu meets with Sheritt and Tasha to find the Dragons [594]. Alberu begins preparing for war and for Cale’s return [594]. One day later, on November 4 on Earth, Commander Cale holds the first strategy meeting and explains more details on the Electric Eel [593]. Cale gives each of them documents explaining the operation and asks them to remember the details by the next day [594]. Cale gives his people their final training before the battle [595].

One day later, on November 5 on Earth, the ability users go to their respective battlefields [594].

One day later, on November 6 on Earth, Cale watches the Electric Eel appear out of the Gwangalli beach, split itself in half, and enter the subway [596]. While half of the ability users for the operation take care of the rampaging monsters and the yellow head is trapped in another tunnel, Cale ambushes and defeats the blue head with Lee Soo Hyuk and the rest of the ability users [597-599]. Although the plan goes wrong because of missing information in Cale’s records of the Electric Eel, Cale and Choi Han manage to protect everyone from the yellow head that appeared [600]. The yellow head escapes with the head of the blue head [600]. All of the ability users head back to Seomyeon to prepare for the final battle against the Electric Eel [600]. While hiding, the yellow head fuses with the rest of the blue head [603].

Three days later in Cale Henituse’s world, after hearing Cale ask Alberu to keep him alive for a day, Alberu begins to gather his companions to invade the Endable Kingdom and protect Cale’s body [602]. One day later, on November 7 on Earth, Cale stands at the watchtower the whole day [600, 601]. Near midnight, Lee Soo Hyuk and the others celebrate the birthday of Cale, Choi Han, and Choi Jung Soo [601]. Choi Han gives Choi Jung Soo a pile of papers documenting his sword arts [601]. Five minutes before midnight, the sealed god begins to talk to Cale [602]. Meanwhile, in Cale Henituse’s world, with the permission of the sealed god, the White Star begins to attack the black orb Cale is in [602, 604].

Three days later, on November 7 in Cale Henituse’s world, the magic shield around Endable Kingdom disappears around midnight [602]. On November 8 in Cale Henituse’s  world, Alberu enters into Endable Kingdom with the rest of Cale’s friends [603]. Cale’s friends defend Cale, confront the White Star, and attack Arm [604]. In the morning, Raon, Rosalyn, and Lock infiltrate the White Palace to steal the sculptures and save the Wolf children [609]. While  Eruhaben and Alberu stall the White Star, Mary takes Cale out of Endable Kingdom [610-612]. Chief Priest Gersey runs, Ron chases after him, and Hong leaves tracks for Glenn to follow [613]. After finding out that the enemy was transforming dead mana into nutrients for the monsters, Ron sends a signal for everyone to retreat [615]. Although Raon finds out that they cannot steal the sculptures, Cale’s friends retreat with the unconscious Gersey and the Wolf children and teleport to the Mercenaries Guild’s shelter to drop off Cotton and the mercenaries and then teleport to the Forest of Darkness [614, 615]. Alberu and Beacrox interrogate Gersey [617]. Fredo calls and tells Alberu that the Endable Kingdom is preparing to abduct more Wolves from Sky Mountain to use as sacrifices to summon something in Puzzle City [617]. Alberu places the Roan Kingdom on emergency status and tells Cale’s family some information [617, 619]. On November 9 in Cale Henituse’s world, Alberu sleeps to help Cale defeat the Electric Eel and Rosalyn informs the leaders of the Western continent of Cale’s situation and White Star’s incoming invasion [619]. One day later, on November 8 on Earth, the God of Death talks to Cale at midnight [602]. The God of Death tells Cale that he had seen Cale die on this day and Cale tells the God of Death that he has prepared to break his fate [602]. The Electric Eel begins its attack on the Seomyeon Shelter [603]. Choi Jung Soo supports Cale on the Steel Feather Hawk while the ability users fight the Electric Eel [603, 605]. During the battle, Cale hears his ancient powers’ voices and Cale asks the Indestructible Shield to help him bind the Electric Eel [605]. Using the opportunity Cale made, Choi Han and Lee Soo Hyuk cut the Electric Eel’s eyes and fangs [606, 607]. While the ability users are fighting the Electric Eel, Cale talks to the Kim Rok Soo of this parallel world [607]. After being freed from the Indestructible Shield’s wood, the Electric Eel escapes [613]. While the Electric Eel temporarily hides to heal itself, the ability users hunt the monsters around Seomyeon Shelter [619]. After Cale tells Lee Soo Hyuk the truth about his identity, Dark Tiger Alberu and the Electric Eel appear and the third and final battle against the Electric Eel begins [618]. While Alberu updates Cale on the things going on in the other world, Cale defeats the Electric Eel with the other ability users and thanks the sealed god for giving him a chance to end the despair in his memories [619-620]. While Cale falls unconscious and talks to the sealed god, Alberu heads back to Cale Henituse’s world to take care of issues there and guard Puzzle City [623]. The sealed god tells Cale that he has passed the test and gives him ten minutes to say his goodbyes on Earth before he heads back [621]. Choi Han tells Choi Jung Soo everything, Cale says his byes, and Cale leaves Kim Rok Soo’s body [622].

Cale’s Return, The Six Dragons, and Preparations for the Final Battle[edit | edit source]

One day later in Cale Henituse’s world, Cale meets the God of Death who hints that Cale might see the people from Earth in the future [622]. Cale wakes up with all of his abilities as Grade 1 ability user Kim Rok Soo [646]. Choi Han and Cale reunite with their friends [623]. Cale visits his family at the Henituse Castle [623-624]. The Cats try to kill Fredo and Solena, but fail when Cale and his friends appear and defeat the Cats and heal the Vampires [625]. Fredo calls Cale his son in front of Violan [626]. Fredo tells Cale about the White Star preparing two rituals to summon the unranked monsters and the sealed god [626, 627]. In the middle of night, Cale and Choi Han inform Alberu [627]. (One day later, on November 9 on Earth, Kim Rok Soo tells everyone that his abilities have been either used or sealed [653]. Kim Rok Soo also tells them that Choi Han returned back to where he belongs [653]. Afterwards, Choi Jung Soo trains like hell using the book Choi Han had given him and Lee Soo Hyuk makes Park Jin Tae do many things, including cleaning the cintamani, to train his mind [653].)

One day later, still a bit past midnight, Cale’s conversation with Alberu ends [627]. Ron and Bud gather information regarding the Eastern continent and Fredo’s report [627]. Cale enters the Henituse capital residence, reunites with Deruth, inspires the army of strong individuals Deruth had hired for the incoming battle against the White Star, and meets Dragon Dodori (14) [627, 628]. Dodori tells Cale about Cale’s fake biographies and his desire to help Cale make a proper biography [628]. Raon offers that he, Mary, and Clopeh will write Cale’s biography instead [629]. Cale accepts Dodori’s help and scams Dodori into bringing his mother so that they can meet the next day [629].

One day later, YHW among other fans of Cale begin cheering outside the Henituse capital residence [630]. While Cale eats lunch with Alberu, Toonka and Litana appear in the palace [630]. Dodori, Dodori’s mom Mila (~800), and Rasheel also appear [630, 632]. The Dragons and Cale talk and the Dragons agree to help Cale defeat the White Star [632, 633]. Meanwhile, the Dragon half-blood faints [633]. As Cale and the Dragons go to the Black Castle, Choi Han joins the meeting between the Western Continent leaders as Cale’s proxy [634]. The leaders declare their desire to help Cale upon hearing about his ‘poor’ health condition from Choi Han [634]. Mary and the Dragon half-blood tell Cale, Sheritt, and Raon of their plan to make the Dragon half-blood a Bone Dragon [634]. Cale agrees upon the condition that the Dragon half-blood fights to protect instead of for revenge [635]. Fredo asks for Cale’s blood to heal and to save the members of Endable Kingdom [636]. Cale refuses his request and learns that the White Star is looking for an Earth attribute ancient power or a substitute for one, and that the Endable Kingdom citizens are held captive by the Fog Cat Tribe [636]. Cale visits the Hope and Adventure Loving Inn No. 1 in Leeb-An City [636]. Dodori and Rasheel fight outside while gathering his people to destroy the Cat Tribe [636]. Bud tells Cale that the Cat Tribe live in Mount Nex of the Sez Kingdom near the Castle of Light [637]. Cale begins a plan to destroy the Cat Tribe’s base, rescue the hostages, and destroy the Sez Kingdom’s alliance with the White Star to start a chain of kingdoms on the Eastern continent breaking their alliances with the White Star [637].

One day later, Alberu concludes the grand assembly on the Western continent at night [637]. Everyone agrees to help Alberu to stop the White Star from entering the Roan Kingdom [637].

One day later, Cale and his team wear the school uniforms and other outfits that they will use to infiltrate the academy as Cale explains the plan to abduct the king as the Fog Cat Tribe and rescue the hostages [637].

The Battle of Mount Nex and The Battle of Puzzle City[edit | edit source]

One day later, Cale disguised as Naru and On go to school [637]. Cale asks On if she wants to go to an academy and Raon tells him that they were going to travel the world [638]. Everyone infiltrates the academy before the speech begins [638]. King Bakehe begins to give a speech in the Sez Royal Academy [637, 638]. On begins to spread her fog [638]. Once the fog arrives strongly, Hong knocks out the Knight Captain with sleeping gas, Dodori stops the Royal Mage, and Rasheel and Cale capture King Bakehe [638, 639]. After telling King Bakehe of how the Dragons were gathering to stop the White Star, Cale uses the king and disappearing fog to lead the Sez knights into Mount Nex, causing the Sez Kingdom to see the truth about Mount Nex and declare war on the hiding Cat Tribe within [639]. Cale’s group runs into the Fog Cat Tribe Leader and Dorph [640]. The Fog Cat Tribe Leader tells On and Hong that they are dirty and inferior because they will always be unable to go berserk [640]. Cale comforts Hong who is affected while Raon calls On and Hong his noona and hyung for the first time [640]. While the Fog Cat Tribe Leader tells On and Hong about the reason why their father died and they were allowed to survive, the Molans and the Mercenaries Guild's Ranger Brigade takes out the cats in the vicinity [641]. Ron encourages On and Hong, telling them that they are strong and will continue to get stronger, and the two Cats decide to fight with their family against the Cats and Lions while Cale and Raon go ahead to the Endable Kingdom hostages with King Bakehe [641]. On and Hong spread their red fog, which becomes the new symbol of the new Molan household [641]. Dodori uses his boulder attribute to defeat the rest of the people in Cale’s way [642]. Upon reaching the zenith of Mount Nex, Cale takes off his disguise as Naru in front of the Endable Kingdom hostages and orders all the rangers to rescue the hostages [642]. Cale destroys the fog of the Darkness Elemental, exposing the four unranked monster sculptures and altar at the bottom of the pit [642]. Meanwhile, Rasheel uses his indomitability attribute to overcome the darkness fog and defeat Dorph while Gashan introduces himself to Sez Kingdom’s army as the Society of Peace working to rescue the Eastern continent from the White Star [643]. Cale finds out that Sayeru is planning to use the Dark Elf hostages to summon the other four unranked monsters in Endable Kingdom and teleport them to Puzzle City [644]. After getting Raon to warn Alberu and the others of the enemy’s plan, Cale destroys the dead mana with Fire of Destruction and seals the unranked monsters with Embrace [644]. Cale and Raon immediately teleport to Endable Kingdom [645]. While Cale further explains the situation to Alberu who calls, the summoning begins [645]. Right before Alberu leads the troops to Puzzle City, Cale uses Instant to run past the army of bears and black mages to destroy two of the unranked monsters [646-647]. Cale faints and Raon teleports them out of Endable Kingdom to Puzzle City [647]. In Puzzle City, Choi Han begins to fight the Electric Eel and Alberu begins to fight the Lion Dragon [648]. Shortly afterwards, Clopeh, the Whales, an armored Bone Dragon, Mary, Lock, and the Dragons join the battle against the unranked monsters [648]. Raon connects all of Cale's allies with a video call [649]. Jack informs Raon that Arm and the Black Knights are invading the Mogoru Empire and unknown forces are attacking priests of the Sun God in other kingdoms [649]. Gashan also reports that multiple kingdoms from the Eastern continent have teleported to the Western continent to attack the Western continent kingdoms and isolate the Roan Kingdom [649]. Eruhaben transforms into a Dragon to fight the Lion Dragon [650]. Rosalyn, the Mage Brigade, the Whales, Lock, the Wolves, Tigers, and Choi Han kill the Electric Eel [651, 652]. Choi Han finds a cintamani within the Electric Eel and the cintamani connects with the people on Earth [652]. After getting knocked out of the battle against the Lion Dragon, Alberu introduces himself to Park Jin Tae and Lee Soo Hyuk [653]. Before Alberu returns to fight the Lion Dragon, Raon informs Alberu that Tasha and the Dark Elf Battle Squad couldn't find Sayeru, Arm, or the rest of the Dark Elf sacrifices at Endable Kingdom [653]. Choi Han sends Lock to bring the cintamani to Raon before heading to fight the Lion Dragon with the others [653]. Meanwhile, Rasheel defeats Dorph, Bud and the Sez army defeats the Lions, and the Cats run away [653]. Ron, On, and Hong defeat the chief of the Fog Cat Tribe [654]. Before he falls, the Fog Cat Tribe leader tells them about the temple door of the Sealed God [654]. Meanwhile, the Jungle and Whipper Kingdom get rid of their invaders quickly and contact Clopeh who is recording the battle [655]. Meanwhile, Raon loots Cale and asks the Wind Elementals to find the White Star with the golden top's whip [655]. Mila heals Cale with her attribute of connection [651]. While Cale is unconscious, Cale (who was originally Kim Rok Soo) meets Kim Rok Soo (who is the original Cale Henituse) [655]. Cale Henituse and Kim Rok Soo officially decide to be each other and they abandon their old names [656]. Kim Rok Soo tells Cale about his mother's reincarnation on Earth 1 as well as the details of his mother's ancient power and death and the details of the original The Birth of a Hero events [656, 657]. Kim Rok Soo tells Cale to go to his mother's grave to retrieve the other half of Cale's mother's ancient power [657]. After talking with Kim Rok Soo, Cale goes back to his world and wakes up while Mila is still fixing him with Connect Together [657, 658]. Lock shows Cale the cintamani and Cale tells the people from Earth 2 to watch the battle against the Lion Dragon [657, 658]. Everyone shares information with Cale and Cale shares a plan to defeat the White Star and sealed god at once [658]. To force the White Star to fight the Lion Dragon to open the doors to the sealed god, Eruhaben pretends to have been defeated by the Lion Dragon [659]. Mila finishes healing Cale's body [660]. As Cale leaves to visit his mother's grave, Bud begins to lead his mercenaries to get rid of the White Star's influence on the Eastern Continent [661]. At some point in time, Mila puts together the cracked jar that Cale has given her [658, ?]. Cale reads his mother's, Drew Thames's, diary at her grave and learns the truth behind reincarnators, transmigrators, and regressors [662]. Cale also learns that he was supposed to have been born in this world, but had been pushed out of the White Star's current body by the White Star's soul [662]. Although Cale realizes that he should research the Baron Thames household, Cale decides to push the topic back [663]. Cale reads of the method to kill a reincarnator, transmigrator, and single-lifer in Drew's diary [663, 664]. Drew Thames's diary also contains information about how single-lifers may ascend to a higher realm after they die and about her ancient power 'Annual Rings of Life' [664]. Cale talks to the voice of a young Drew Thames and gains the 'Annual Rings of Life' [664]. As Cale uses Embrace to place Annual Rings of Life in the diary, Raon unconsciously feels the power of his attribute of 'the present' [665]. Drew speaks to Cale through the diary and tells Cale that he would have been hunted the moment someone found out if he was a single-lifer [665]. Meanwhile, Alberu suggests to Choi Han that they play dead like Eruhaben [665].

One day later is the day the Sez Kingdom is supposed to celebrate the anniversary of the day the first king came down from the holy stone mountain Mount Nex to proclaim that he has carried on the will of the first king [637].  

Summary of Known Ages of Everyone in Year 781 from Oldest to Youngest [edit | edit source]

Note: This is the age everyone would be on the day Kim Rok Soo transmigrates into Cale. Note: [number] refers to chapter reference or source  

Sheritt is ~10,000 [365], Lich Bernard is 1000+ [333], White Star’s Soul is ~1000 [335], Eruhaben is 1000 [257], the Dragon Half-blood is 900+ [222, 266], Mila is ~800 [632], Obante is 521 [100], Shickler is 300+ [1], Tasha is 290 [99], Shawn the Dark Elf is 290 [100], Witira is 250+ [242], Sayeru is 200+ [428], Dorph is 200+[1], 'Naru von Ejellan' is 151 [531],

Choi Han is 17 + 10s [15, 270, 435], Sir Babala is 80+ [628], Lily’s Master Edro is 70+ [106], Sonata Gyerre is 78 [153], Huten of Mogoru Empire is 60+ [160], Odeus Flynn is 60 [32, 41], Ron Molan is 60+ [203], Metelona is 50+ [160], Plavin Singten of the Molden Kingdom is 50+ [187],

Zed Crossman is 50 [28], Atures Poeff of Arm is 40+ [363], Freesia is 40+ [106], Toonka is 36[1], the Fog Cat Chief is 30+ [369], Caro Kingdom’s Church of the Sun God’s bishop is 30+ [191], Bud Illis is 33 [341], Crock of the Mercenaries Guild is 30+ [363], Beacrox Molan is 30+ [515], Mueller Hon is 30 [74],  

Adin of Mogoru Empire is 27[1], Mary is 25 [102], Rex is 24 [158, 161], Alberu Crossman is 23 [583], Becrock of Arm is 22 [407], Rosalyn is 22 [408], White Star’s body is 18 [334], Cale Henituse is 18 [3], Pen of Breck Kingdom is 18 [107], Adventurer Bob is 18 [272],

Basen Henituse is 15 [9], Lock is 13 [31], Dodori is 12 [628], Maes of the Blue Wolves is 12 [50], the ten Wolf children are between 10-12 [41], On is 10 [5, 166], Belle of the Molden Kingdom is 8 [498], Lily Henituse is 7 [14], Hong is either 6 or 7 [176, [1]], Raon Miru is 4 [10, 17]

Baby Fire Elemental is 0 [173]

References[edit | edit source]

Note: All numbers within [brackets] refer to the chapter the information is presented in the novel.

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